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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why I Love The"Comments" Section, Even Though Maybe Some Of You Don't

Because, unlike some of you, I read all the comments.

Because, unlike most of you, I respond to the comments.

Because it inspires exchanges like these, in the "Horseradish as Advertised" post:

Stef said...
Why is Kentucky Bourbon GWTW? Do you have a drinking problem?

January 28, 2009 1:10 PM

mark rothman said...
To me, it was metaphoric as to what the Old South was about. I was 19, for chrissake!
For the record, I've never even tasted Bourbon in my life.
But that doesn't necessarily mean I don't have a drinking problem.
Does seltzer count?

January 28, 2009 3:19 PM

Jtexasoperastar said...

Well, actually, Deanna Durbin read "Gone With The Wind" twice in her teens, but she herself is not gone with the wind, because her popularity justs keeps growing and growing. Last year alone, 11 Deanna Durbin albums were released of her 1930s & 1940 songs. And for those who still appreciate a TRUE artist, please check out the largest Deanna Durbin website in the world at this Best wishes from someone who appreciates REAL talent!!!

January 28, 2009 11:27 PM

mark rothman said...

Look at this. I've offended a Deanna Durbin fan.
I'm sorry.
Deanna Durbin was wonderful.
I know that she herself is not gone with the wind, but 39 years ago, in 1970, when we did this song, her career certainly was.
Either by choice, or otherwise.
And whatever popularity you maintain that she has now, she certainly did not have then.
And everything is relative anyway.
In 1936, MGM had the choice of signing Judy Garland or Deanna Durbin.
They chose Judy.
You want to squawk at them too?
I mean, that was only 73 years ago.
And I reiterate, I was only 19, for chrissake!

January 29, 2009 11:48 AM

or this exchange, under "Why I'm Glad They Blew Up the Sands Hotel", in which I discussed the late Lou Gottlieb of the Limeliters:

Tony Gottlieb said...

Nice old memory of my father, thanks.

January 29, 2009 1:20 PM

mark rothman said...


Boy, you just never know who's out there, and who you're going to reach. I'm curious to know how you found this site.
I only wish I could have met your father under what might have been a more pleasant circumstance for him.
It's communication like this that makes it all worth it.
If you read my post about Danny Thomas in the article "When Vegas Was Worth It", you'd know that if I received the exact same message that you sent from Marlo Thomas, I would have been mortified.

January 29, 2009 2:27 PM

which led to this e-mail from Tony Gottlieb, reprinted with his permission (I would never do it otherwise, you are safe with me):

Your Blog came up on a Google Alert I have for Lou.

I remember those days when the Limeliters were 4 walling the Sands.
He said it was one hour between the 1st and 2nd show and one hour between the 2nd and 3rd show and 19 hours between the 3rd and the 1st show.

In retrospect I am certain that was still easier physically than too many days of one nighters but it was indeed a low point for him as you described.

So please, learn to love your "Comments" section.
As I do.

This is going to be a relatively light post.
And for those of you who read the "Comments" section, a bit recycled.
Like a rerun.

But it IS Super Sunday, and I expect attendance here to be way down today.

I know I'VE got better things to do.

I've got the Steelers laying 7.

Every time there's a major sporting event on TV (The Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA finals, the NCAA men's basketball final, Opening day of the baseball and pro football seasons)
I break out the most appropriate T-Shirt or sweatshirt I have in my collection with a team's logo on it, and wear it all day.
I don't have a garment representing the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I have a Pittsburgh Pirates hat.
I've got that on.

And I've got a New England Patriots T-Shirt on.
This is very appropriate attire.

The Patriots are in the AFC, as are the Steelers.
They got jobbed out of the playoffs this year by the stupid NFL rules .
They probably would be in the Super Bowl, given the opportunity.
They had a much better regular-season record than the Cardinals.
And during the regular season, they beat the hell out of the Cardinals.

The rules must be altered so mediocrity can't be rewarded.
Wearing the Patriots shirt is my statement to that effect.




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