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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is It Just Me? Part One.

From the title of this article, one might get the impression that I am about to go off on some wild tangent about something that really annoys me about something that really bugs me about something going on in the world.
Or at least in these United States.
And one would be correct.
And that I am about to take a crap on someone or ones, and/or something.
And one would be correct about that as well.

I am not, and have never been, a fan of Fast Food.
I have never needed my food to be particularly fast.
For me, slow and steady has usually been enough to win the race.
There are, and have been exceptions.
When I began my drive from Detroit to Chicago early Saturday morning to appear at the
Hollywood Collectors Show, I of course stopped off at the McDonalds right off the Interstate for two Egg McMuffins. I brought my own Orange Juice.
Tropicana. Which I like better.
But the Egg McMuffins are the only things I can eat off the overall McDonalds menu.
And I really enjoy them.
I tried a Big Mac once in my life, and couldn't get the smell of the alleged "meat" off of my hands for about two weeks, using lots of Boraxo in my attempts to succeed.
And for some reason, McDonalds stops serving Breakfast at 10:30am.
Because, as we all know, nobody EVER wants to have breakfast at 10:32 in the morning.
So it's only the Early Bird that is capable of catching the Egg McMuffin.
I guess somebody on the McD's corporate level figured out that no matter how many latecomers wanted an Egg McMuffin (which for some reason that I don't remember, I've always referred to as an Ed McMahon) it was better for them to clear the decks of breakfast items and start gearing up for the lunch crowd.

Let me once again iterate that I will never simply leave my house in the AM for the express purpose of getting my hands on Egg McMuffins.
It has always involved either a long-distance driving or flying situation, when I'm leaving early in the morning.
The actress Mai Britt, who was once married to Sammy Davis Jr., and is a good friend of mine, used to live in the Lake Tahoe area in the 90's, as did I.
She didn't do hardly any traveling in those days.
But she was ritualistic in seeking out the local McDonalds in the morning.
She craved the Ed McMahons.
It didn't matter to her whether or not they were fast food or slow food.
She just craved them.
And she'd wait as long as necessary, if necessary, which usually wasn't necessary.
With me, it was purely something I indulged in in transit.
There is another chain of Fast Food places that I have always been particularly partial to:
Subways Sandwich Shops.
The home of the Foot Long Heroes.
I've liked just about everything about it:
The quality of the food.
Their very low prices.
Kind of the Bizarro World Starbucks.
Don't get me started on Starbucks.
Subway's service had always been excellent---efficient and courteous.
I stopped off at a Subways on the way back from Chicago, at around the Indiana-Michigan border, and attempted to get my usual: A tuna fish hero, and a bottle of Diet Coke.
I love the Subways tuna fish hero.
The bottle of Diet Coke was no better or worse than any other I have tried.
But what ensued at this particular Subways on this particular day was totally dismaying, and unfortunately an indication of the way the world is going.

More about the ensuing next time.


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The McDonalds are at virtually every exit at every interstate highway in the country.
I like to be able to drive through and quickly get my hands on the McMahons.
One of the few times that speed comes in handy.
As is the case when I am attempting to catch a flight in the early AM.


  1. Our local McD's, in a surprising gesture of corporate magnanimity, actually serves breakfast until 11:30. Yet they still start serving lunch at 10:30. For an hour a day, they're serving both at the same time. Why don't they just do that all the time? It's rumored that such a move would be impossible, because breakfast and lunch require running the grills at two different temperatures. But apparently this is not the case. My theory is that if people could get breakfast there any time, they might not ever again order a burger there.

  2. I worked at McDonald's in the 1980s. As I recall, around 10:30 or so, we switched over to lunch. Since we had three grills, we left one grill open for breakfast past 10:30 for about twenty minutes or so. Essentially, it was based on demand. If there were people still ordering breakfast past 10:30, we kept making it. Theoretically, had people kept ordering breakfast until midnight, we probably would have kept making breakfast until midnight. If about ten minutes went by without anyone ordering breakfast, however, then we'd switch that third grill over to lunch. And you had to, because by noon, you needed all three grills. Again, this was in the 1980s when Ray Krock was still alive. I have no idea what they do now.

    Why we have different foods for breakfast and dinner has always puzzled me. One nice thing about living alone is if I want cereal at night and pizza in the morning, I'll damn well have cereal at night and pizza in the morning. There's no societal pressure to do otherwise.

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