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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Dobie Wih a "B".

Aside from what I said about "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" last time, there were other things that I didn't get around to.
Such as fifty years worth of perspective.
And its unique, groundbreaking use of music.
I think it was the first series that punctuated its humor with music cues.
And it did it quite effectively.
Zelda Gilroy squiggling her nose at Dobie, causing him to involuntarily squiggle back,
was perfectly punctuated musically.
It was the direct antecedent to Samantha squiggling her nose to a music cue on "Bewitched"

The main thing about fifty years of perspective on this show, much like the perspective on
most of the MeTV shows, is the use of the IMDB page on the Internet, to attempt to discover what became of some of the actors who appeared on these shows.

Never has so much IMDB use been as prevalent as when I am watching Dobie Gillis.
That show provided my first adolescent fantasies.
The "Many Loves" that Dobie experienced consisted of all these young, nubile, stunning actresses who appeared as his potential love interests.
And in my imagination, mine.
It was the first show that I can remember that really stirred up the loins.
Only one of these actresses became really famous.
Tuesday Weld.
The rest of them, I learned from scouring the IMDB, reached either obscurity, death, or a ripe old age.
An age at least ten years older than myself.
This saddens me.
On an almost daily basis.
I have found none to be younger than their mid-seventies.
These young women that this young adolescent lusted after, I would have no reason to lust after any more.
Particularly if they turned out to be dead.
Remember the actor who played David Puddy?
One of Elaine Benes's boyfriends on "Seinfeld"?
He's now starring on some CBS sitcom or other right now.
Well, it turns out that one of those young nubile, stunning actresses on Dobie Gillis
gave birth to the actor who played Puddy.
She is Puddy's mother.
If anything would cause one to lose their lust, it's thinking about how one is, in fact lusting after Puddy's mother.


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  1. I haven't seen a Dobie episode in probably thirty years, but I still remember a couple of other catchphrases, courtesy of Maynard G. Krebs:

    (Whenever the word work was mentioned)"Work...WORK!!!"

    Also "Me? Oh come now!"

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