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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rothman's Osar Picks. Part Three.

Best Picture;  This is essentially a recap of the Report Cards I did on each of these movies.
But at least it's all on one page.

American Hustle"----I enjoyed the hell out of it.  Much better than I enjoyed David O. Russell's other films.  Mostly excellent.

 "Captain Phillips"---Pretty dopey.  Really doesn't belong here.

 "Dallas Buyers Club"---Starts slowly, and builds very effectively.  Very impressive.

"Gravity"---Really, really doesn't  belong here.

 "Her"---Utterly imaginative.  Spectacularly executed. Wouldn't bellyache too much if it won.

 "Nebraska"---Far and away the best film of this and most years.

 "Philomena"---Haunting and effecting.  Some other year, perhaps.

 "12 Years A Slave"---Bringing up the rear.

 "The Wolf of Wall Street"---Bringing up the rear of the rear.

So where's "Blue Jasmine" and "August Osage County"?
They both got jobbed.
But I say "Nebraska".

Enjoy the show.


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