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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rothman's Reaction To The Emmy Awards.

I thought they were just swell.
Sweller than swell.
Maybe the best Emmy Awards Shows ever done.
One of the best Award Shows ever done.
Certainly better than this year's Tony Awards, which usually sets the standard.
Except that it is overwhelmingly gay, and this year, none of the excerpts made me want to make a trip to New York to see any of the shows.
Except for Bryan Cranston as LBJ.
And he got his just desserts last night.
The Emmy telecast seemed virtually totally straight.
They didn't even have Jane Lynch show up.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
And the Oscar telecasts have been eternal snooze-fests.
But with Seth Meyers doing a superb job as host, this show just zipped along (with the help of my Tivo, the only way to watch anything.)
Whenever they went for funny, which was often, they hit the bulls-eye.
Everybody's tongues were way up their cheeks.
I was never bored.
How often can anyone say that about an awards show?
And many if not most of my choices won.
That made it even more enjoyable.
The "In Memoriam" segment was very tastefully done.
It seemed to include many more dead folks than usual.
And certainly more movie stars who did relatively little TV than pure TV people.
Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams was quite moving.
As was Letterman's on his show.
A minor quibble: Maya Angelou was included prominently in the Memoriam segment.
Just what was Maya Angelou's contribution to TV?

I have not seen any of Seth Meyers' Late Night Shows.
I tried to check to see the writers credits at the end of the telecast.
The only name I recognized was Seth Meyers.
This leads me to at least suspect that he brought his writing staff out there to help him out.
I think that this is going to cause me to start watching his show, and give him a chance to capture me as a regular viewer.


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  1. Maya Angelou was nominated for an Emmy for her role in Roots; she played Kunta Kinte's grandmother. She also mentored Oprah as well as many others. She guest-starred on episodes of everything from "Sesame Street" to "Touched By an Angel" and directed. She frequently was interviewed for such PBS series as "American Masters," "The American Experience," "America Beyond the Color Line with Henry Louis Gates Jr." and "Creativity With Bill Moyers."

    She was the narrator of such documentaries as "As Seen Through These Eyes" (2008), about Holocaust victims finding expression through art, and "The Black Candle." She appeared as herself in the 2009 Chris Rock documentary, "Good Hair," and the 2005 TV movie "Celebrate! Christmas With Maya Angelou."

  2. Asked and answered. I said it was a minor quibble. Thanks.

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