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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


You all know who Laurie Metcalf is, don't you?
She's that wonderful actress who is on TV all the time.
She has a flair for playing comedy in a unique way, differently as she goes from role to role.
And right now, she is going from role to role weekly, as she stars in two, count 'em, two different TV series currently on the air.
CBS's "The McCarthys", and HBO's "Getting On".
Both brilliant shows.
Both made even more brilliant by her glowing presence.
Laurie Metcalfe is to comedy and television what Meryl Streep has been to drama and movies.
Except I've also seen Laurie Metcalfe be stunning playing drama.
And I've never really seen Streep, great as she is, be stunning doing comedy.
I think that Laurie Metcalfe is rapidly assuming, or has already taken over the mantle of The Best We Have.
The word ""nuanced" could have been coined to describe her approach to acting.
I can't think of anyone whose work is as nuanced.
There certainly is no one's work that is more nuanced.
So why do I have her name in capital letters at the top of this page?
Followed by five exclamation points?
Is it because of my already expressed enthusiasm for her? some extent.
But there's a much more important reason:
I simply cannot remember her name.
Let me amend that.
I cannot easily remember her name.
When I try to summon it up, I usually have to start with "that actress who was on 'Roseanne'", which is odd, because I never watched "Roseanne".
I suppose you'd think it has something to do with someone my age typically beginning to forget people's names.
And I do.
But not usually actors.
Or ballplayers.
Particularly those who I am a fan of.
So continually having to fish for Laurie Metcalf's name in my head is a particularly peculiar aberration.
One I'm not at all proud of.
She deserves better than that from me.
I mean, after all, she has two, count 'em two great shows on the air.
So I have put her name in capital letters, followed by five exclamation points, in the hope that it will force me to remember her name without ever having to fish for it ever again.
And I may have to constantly re-refer to this article.
I hope not.
This was a problem I never had with Meryl Streep.
I'll give her credit for that.
That name's pretty unforgettable.


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