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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Here's an opportunity for Roger Goodell to redeem himself.
Bill Belichick obviously cheated the Indianapolis Colts by deflating his team's footballs.
To me, this is far more egregious than Pete Rose betting on the Reds, thus being banned from baseball.
I'm not suggesting that Belichick be banned for life from coaching, although I'd consider it, because he has an extensive track record for doing this kind of thing.
He is a cheat, and always has been.
But it's not fair to take it out on the Patriots.
It's also not fair to take it out on the Colts.
My first reaction was that the Patriots should forfeit the game to the Colts, but perhaps that's too severe.
So I'd stop short of that.
But if I were Goodell, here's what I'd suggest.
Not suggest. Demand.
Reschedule the Colts-Pats game this Sunday.
There would still be a week to go before the Super Bowl.
Hold the game in Indianapolis.
Foxboro had it's chance.
Make sure the balls aren't underinflated.
Don't let anyone on the Patriots touch them.
Let the Colts do whatever they want to THEY'RE balls, so to speak.
And the winner of THAT game goes to the Super Bowl.
Think of the ratings!
If Belichick doesn't accept these conditions, the Patriots will forfeit the game, and the Colts then waltz their way into the Super Bowl.
If I was Roger Goodell, that's what I'd do.
But then, I have balls.
Roger Goodell most-likely doesn't.
He's never shown any in the past.
And MY balls are not underinflated.

P.S.---I just watched Keith Olbermann, and he echoed virtually all of my sentiments.
He elaborated by quoting the NFL Rule Book, which gives Goodell the authority to do ALL of this.

Thursday---Things are going predictably.
Not a word from Goodell, except that it's all "under investigation".
The clock is ticking.
What's there to investigate?
Who actually deflated the footballs?
Isn't it enough to know that they WERE and that it's CHEATING?
We know it wasn't anyone on the Colts.
So today, we were treated by the media to a medley by Belichick and Brady of "There Ain't No Flies On Me"
It all happened under Belichick's watch, so there ARE flies on him.
So it looks like Goodell's just running out the clock.
I know that he's in the pocket of Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, but don't both of them realize that the integrity of the Super Bowl is more important to all concerned than whether or not the Patriots get into it?
Goodell is worth over $44 million.
Is he really worried about losing his job and having to stand on a breadline?
To quote a line from the film "On The Beach", "There is still time, brother!"

Friday---The media discussion on this subject has now degenerated into extended double entendre "balls" jokes.
Nobody is taking the Cheating issue seriously.
I believe that I was the first person to deliver a "balls" joke.
But it was part of a more serious discussion.
And now, it's just descended into "balls" overkill.
The media is no better than Roger Goodell.
Particularly NBC media.
Because they're hosting the game.
Bob Costas and Lawrence O'Donnell were particularly disgraceful about "balls" last night.
We're all screwed.

Saturday---Belichick addresses reporters and blames the whole thing on the weather.
Weren't the Colts and their balls on the same field, playing in the same weather?
Belichick then took some questions, and none of the esteemed members of the press asked him that one.


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