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Monday, September 21, 2015

Some Thoughts About The Emmys.

You know, I remember when the Emmy Awards was this pretty huge event.
It sure isn't that anymore.
At least for me.
I remember when I knew most if not all of the nominees.
I remember when I knew most if not all the shows that were nominated.
Not no more.
Not no how.
And I binge-watch a lot of shows.
But when I do know the shows, and the nominees, I usually still have a rooting interest as to who should win.
But I'm much more concerned about who shouldn't win.
Like for instance, "Veep".
I watched it the first season, and was amazed at how snarky it was.
How there was nobody that I cared about.
So I gave up.
But they kept winning Emmy Awards, so I guess they figured that they were on to something.
That this keeps winning, and Louis C.K. has never won anything is reason enough not to watch.
That Julia Louis-Dreyfuss keeps winning when Amy Schumer is on the ballot is a travesty.

Andy Samberg is easily the worst host the event has ever had.
I've never witnessed him to have even a shred of talent.
And he can't do anything with a straight face.
When they did the "In Memoriam" segment, someone had the good taste to not have him introduce it.

Viola Davis accepted her award as if she was the first black actress to win an Emmy.
And that she represented all black actresses.
She's not, and she doesn't.
If she had lost to a white actress would she have booed?
I had the impression from her speech that she would.
I never saw "Game of Thrones' and still have no desire to.
And we all knew that Peter Dinklage was going to win as Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.
I love "Better Call Saul", but in what universe is that a drama?
Jonathan Banks, a regular on" Saul" is the best thing on it, and who reminds me of a friend of mine named Marv so much that we always call him Marv when he appears on the screen, who was nominated in the same category as Dinklage, knew he didn't have a chance.
When he lost, the camera cut to him and he had an expression on his face that read "Why did I even leave the house?
The only thing it did make me want to see was "Olive Kitteridge", because I love Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins.
I wouldn't have even known that it existed otherwise.

It did have some nice moments.
Jon Hamm's acceptance speech after losing all those other times was quite ingratiating.
And Tracy Morgan, who I was never much of a fan of, was wonderful with everything he said.
If anything else on the show last night had that impact, it might have reclaimed event status.

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  1. Minority report:

    I'm hot-and-cold on "Veep", but I am looking forward to seeing how they resolve their cliffhanger.

    In the season finale, JLD is running for the top spot against a mostly unseen opponent.
    At the end, the Electoral College is a tie - 269 to 269, which puts the Presidency into the House of Representatives.
    I just want to see if they get the procedures right.
    - because I'm half-convinced that the next real Presidential election is going to end up in much the same way.
    Either a tie, or a third-party guy (guess who) keeps either major from getting the 270 E-votes required to win.
    The tie possibility is something I've been worrying about, going back to 2008.
    To explain why would take more time than I have, and more patience than you have.

    After being bored by the Emmys, I went to my DVD wall and pulled a few random oldies.
    One was "Saints And Sinners", one of your Obscure TV choices.
    The episode I watched was the one with Special Guest Star - Paul Muni.
    One line caught my attention.
    Paul Muni played a 90-something guy about to mark his 75th wedding anniversary; his "adult" children (Edward Andrews, Florence Halop, and Alan Hewitt) were turning it into a "media event".
    Nick Adams and Richard Erdman are there to cover this for the paper.
    Noreen Corcoran is the teenage granddaughter who introduces her family members to Adams and Erdman, speaking of one of them, the Hewitt character, thus (and remember, this is 1962):
    " ... That's my uncle Morty, the baby of the family. He's never been married, only I'm not supposed to know why ..."
    Nice thing about DVDs, you can back them up to make sure you heard right...

    So how far have we come in 53 years?
    You tell me.

  2. I was forming a reply to your invitation for contact info, but I see that you've withdrawn it.

    I was going to explain that I have never been able to get my E-mail to work, at least from the sending standpoint.
    I have an E-mail address, and I can receive, but I can't send.
    Consequently, anything that you and I have to say to each other has to go here, in front of God and everybody.

    But my suspicious nature asserted itself:
    Could someone have sent you an E-mail, using my name, being very insulting/impertinent/tasteless/ all or none of the above?
    I've heard that things like this happen occasionally.

    As I said above, I have an e-mail address:

    I can receive, and I can reply, but I am unable to originate - Technoslavian instructions defeat me.

    I hope I'm wrong about being framed by a troll; in a week, I'll be 65, and that would be truly embarrassing.

    Anyhow, you now have my E-mail address.
    How about dropping me a line, and maybe we can straighten out what needs to be straightened.
    Or you can have a big laugh at my expense.
    (Or maybe Mr. Troll can send me a fake message under your name ...)

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