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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Recount..

There's all this talk about how Hillary's popular vote lead is approaching two million votes.
And how the leads in three swing states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which made the difference in the Electoral College, and gave us President-Elect Trump are so narrow and can be subject to a recount if acted on quickly.
The margins are that small.
Under a hundred thousand votes in each of these states.
The next eight years, and all those Supreme Court appointments are on the table.
Does it not behoove us to at least attempt to make things right?
The money's already been raised to start the process.
We break no laws by attempting this.
If we don't follow through here, there is only one person to blame: Hilary Clinton.
She would be the only one standing in the way of a fair outcome.
If, in fact, the outcome is unchanged by the recount, then we can all take our lumps and go home,
and that's what we do.
But there's too much at stake.
It's two fucking million votes.
Maybe she's afraid that if she condones it, being prosecuted will still be on the table.
If that's what it takes, she has to take one for the country.
She's stared down the FBI before, she can do it again.
Even then, worst case scenario is President Tim Kaine.
You can't let this many people down without even trying.
Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.
His advice was unless there was overwhelming evidence that it would be overturned, let it rest.
This is the same Ed Rendell who was guaranteeing that Pennsylvania was in the bag for Clinton before the votes were counted.
This is who we should listen to??
If the shoe was on the other foot, and Trump had a popular vote lead that Hilary has, but lost those rust belt states like Hilary did, and Trump had the opportunity to attempt a recount in those states, class, what do we think he would do??
Do the recount!!
It's too fucking close!

P.S.  It's Saturday, and I just read that Hilary will participate in the recount.
However it turns out, bravo!!

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  1. And, it's our last chance to keep the vile and disgusting Orange Julius and his Trump Tramp wife from entering the White House.

  2. Those "two fucking million votes" are all in California and New York, which went Democratic anyhow. This is exactly how the Electoral College is supposed to work.

  3. If that's the case, then California and New York are way under-represented in the Electoral College.
    But it's only worth contesting if those rust belt states have been miscounted.

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