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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Top 17 Things That Make Me Laugh Harder Than Anything Else.

Whenever I'm looking to upgrade my mood, for whatever reason, these are the things that come to mind most often.
They can pretty much all be found on YouTube.
Some will be quite familiar to you.
Some might be rather obscure.
Why sixteen entries?
It's a rather arbitrary number.
I played around with other numbers, but none were just quite as funny.
Maybe I can be coaxed.
Anyway, by their nature, the list is in no particular order.

1) The last scene of the second "Newhart" series, when he wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette, only to realize that everything about his second series (Larry, Darryl, and Darryl, etc.) was a dream.

2)  Sid Caesar and "The Haircuts" singing "You Are So Rare To Me" and the accompanying crazy dance.
Most Caesarian's would opt for "This is Your Story", but for me, it's diminishing returns.

3)  Jay Thomas making his annual appearance on "Letterman" to tell his "Lone Ranger" story.
     Boy, am I going to miss that.

4)  The "Gin Rummy" scene in "Born Yesterday".

5)  The Stateroom Scene from "A Night At The Opera"
      Aunt Minnie's Niece:  Is my Aunt Minnie in here?
      Groucho:  No,  but you can prowl around here if you wanna. You'll probably find somebody
      just as good!

6)  The Weenie King.  The world's oldest actor in one extended hilarious scene in Preston Sturges'
      "The Palm Beach Story".

7)   "Harry Speak-Up".  Bilko's salute to the trials and tribulations of drafting a monkey into      
        the Army.

8)  A scene from the series "Joe and Sons" ,wherein Jerry Stiller performing a eulogy, refers to the
     deceased's favorite Tuesday night parlor game, performed right after bowling.  It was called---
     "It Ain't Necessarily Beer"

9)  "The Chef of the Future".  Gleason and Carney.  The first fifteen minutes are a waste of time.
      Go right to the TV studio.  "Oooohh, it can core a apple!!!"

10)  "Who's On First?"  From the 1952 filmed Comedy Series they did.  Accept no substitutions.

11)    Stan Daniels.  Was a writer on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."  They would always have him
         get up during audience breaks, introduce him as one of the great actors of the Yiddish Theater.
         He would sing his rendition of "Ole Man River".  Check it out on YouTube.

12)    The original "In-Laws".  Peter Falk and Alan Arkin.  The keyword is "Serpentine"

13)   Jack Carson and Betty Kean in a 1950 episode of "The Four Star Revue"  November, 1950.
         It's in the second half hour.  Three telephone booths. That's all you need to know.

14)   "The $65 Funeral.  Nicholas and May.  As funny and as smart as it gets.

15)    Bob and Ray.  "The Slow Talkers of America".  I'd be just as happy with "The World's Most
       Beautiful Face Contest".

16)  Ernie Kovacs performing "The Nairobi Trio".

17)   Last and certainly not least,  Jack Benny and Gisele Mackenzie's violin duet of "Getting To
        Know You",  where she constantly upstages him.
        He was such a master of timing.

If you think I left out something on the same level,  comment on this page, and I'd be happy to consider it, or berate it, depending on my mood.
I'm just here to guide you.


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  1. I'll guess that your mention of "The In-Laws" means the whole movie, start to finish.
    I'll sign that.
    I saw "In-Laws" at least four times in its initial theatrical release. I had to.
    There's one scene, early in the movie, that got the single longest and loudest laugh I've ever heard from a movie theater audience.
    It's right after the shoot-out on West 53rd Street.
    After Falk and Arkin take the cab back to the dentist's office.
    And find ...
    I'm not spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen it.
    Just know that I willingly paid three or four more admissions so I might finally hear the dialogue that the audience drowned out.
    This is why "The In-Laws" was the first movie that I ever bought on home video (VHS, at that).

  2. For laugh-out-loud moments, nothing beats the 1970's Odd Couple (and I'm not just pandering here). The one-liners on that show still kill me, even though I know them all by heart. Just a few favorites:

    Felix (trying to dial the phone blindfolded): "Six! One, two, three, four, five, six." Oscar: Lookah this, I'm on Sesame Street."

    Oscar (sitting in Felix's chair shaped like a hand): "I feel like an M&M." Myrna (later in the same chair): "I feel like I'm insured by Allstate."

    Oscar (after eating an imaginary meal of nothing, at Dr. Burger's Fat Farm): "What's for dessert, do we get to suck on a balloon?"

    Oscar (organizing a crap game in the monastery): "We're playing for I-owe-thou's."

    Boy do I miss that show, and those brilliant actors -- and of course the writers!

  3. My own credits aside, I've never been that big a fan of one-line jokes. People don't talk like that.

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