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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Getting Even Worse At Something I Used To Be Great At.

I've mentioned before that, prior to the internet, I used to be the world champion of death:
When someone famous died, how they died, and how old they were when they died.
I was very proud of this talent.
Then, the Internet came along and leveled the playing field.
With the touch of a finger, everyone else is as smart as me.
I certainly felt humbled, but after some minor licking of my wounds, I pretty much got over it.
But the Internet has now taken a further toll.
Along with my advancing age, and the lessening of value of this former "gift",
I now no longer remember as much as I used to.
In searching for a name I used to know all the details of, I now even flounder when I do a search.
I used to be a world-class crossword puzzle-doer.
Now, I can't do a New York Times puzzle without the aid of Wikipedia.
It's no longer a matter of who has the bigger dick, but rather a source of information.
Last week I had a clue "_____Cameron, from "Charlie's Angels"
I was never a fan, but I thought Kate Jackson? didn't fit.  Jaclyn Smith? Didn't fit.
It never even occurred to me that they made a movie out of it.
And Cameron Diaz was in it.
An entire generation of music has happened under my radar.  I'm clueless.
Welcome to hard times.
I can't even figure out how to get out of this bold typeface.

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  1. A few years ago, Mark you and I had a minor pissing contest regarding the car Ernie Kovacs was driving when he tried to light that cigar, lost control on the rain slick road and slammed into that telephone pole. You told the story of his death photo being published the next day in an L.A paper and Edie Adams (rightfully) going apeshit over it. You contended that the car was a particular model (don't recall what) and after looking at the gruesome photo (which is still on my computer) I thought it was something else. I looked up a lot of photos of Ernie's smashed car that day. You eventually conceded that it wasn't the wood paneled station wagon that you thought it was. It wasn't cheating death, but I felt like I'd won an arm wrestling contest with the death champ.

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