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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Courage? Candor?

I'm posting Thursday's post on Wednesday, because my thoughts are fresh, and the event just happened, and I want to express myself before 42 other blogs maybe say the same thing.

I watched it live.
Pretty compelling television.
Governor Mark Sanford pretty much spilling his guts all over the place.

Things I noted:

He was really well dressed for the occasion.
I'm guessing that this means that he ain't exactly giving up on his political career.

If you just got back from Argentina, a long flight, you'd probably be dressed a little more comfortably.
Unless you're still trying to maintain an image.

He got done dropping his bombshell, and everyone interviewed started talking about how courageous he was for being so forthcoming about it all.

I don't know. He never addressed who in his family knew exactly what.
Then it came out that they all knew everything for months.
So why the stupid lying about going hiking?

And he was praised for his candor, his honesty about it all.

Building up to the revelation, he started talking about the Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line is that the motherfucker got caught.

Where would the courage and the candor be if the motherfucker didn't get caught?

And why would you be so stupid as to abandon your job, a job that ain't so easy to abandon, and tell such an assinine lie to try to cover your tracks?
Perhaps because you're a shmuck and a putz?

I'm getting a little tired of politicians, of any political stripe, talking about how badly damaged their families are because of their infidelities.
They don't have to be. And his family apparently didn't abandon him.
If the sanctimony of marriage wasn't so relentlessly preached by the sanctimonious, infidelity would be a lot less bitter pill to swallow.

I know a lot of people who are thrilled that their parents got divorced, no matter why.

It requires a lot of ego to assume that one's family is going to be all that destroyed by one's infidelity.
But then, it requires a lot of ego to become a politician.

Folks, I've said it before.
I'll say it again.
It happens ALL THE TIME.
Let us all get over it.

At least he had the good taste not to shlep his wife up on stage to stand next to him, like Spitzer and McGreevey did.
Or maybe he didn't have the good taste, and his wife just told him to go fuck himself.

I don't quite understand why there isn't a law of diminishing returns here.

This stuff happens so often with politicians and other celebrities these days that it's more the norm than the exception.

Why is this still news?

Sanford spent much of his time apologizing to everyone whose path he ever crossed.

In retrospect, I think the only person who is owed an apology for all of this is the man who took more heat for this sort of thing unneccessarily, particularly from Sanford, and still holds the patent: Bill Clinton.

P.S.---I've since heard that Mrs. Sanford, when asked about her husbands whereabouts over the weekend, said "I don't know, and I don't care".
That should've been a clue.

It's a shame Sanford missed Father's Day. I hear the kids picked out a really nice tie for him.
Maybe that's the one he wore for the press conference.



  1. It's a common assumption that divorce is traumatic for the children, but sometimes it's the events that leads up to the divorce that causes the real trauma.

  2. I'll say this for Bill Clinton: He had enough sense to bring the women in, not to go all Carmen San Diego like this guy.



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