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Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Is Where I Came In.

"This is where I came in"

This is an expression that people used to say all the time.
Now, it's only an expression that only old people say all the time.
It essentially means "Don't go any further. You're starting to repeat yourself."
But that was it's figurative meaning.
It's literal meaning hearkens way back to the days when you went to the movies
any old time.
Not necessarily when the movie started.
Maybe in the middle.
Maybe towards the end.
And then you'd start watching it from the beginning, because movies ran continuously
in those days.
With maybe even a cartoon or a short subject thrown in.
Or maybe it was part of a double feature.
For you youngsters out there, a double feature meant that you got two movies for the price
of one.
And when you got to the point in the movie that you came in late for, you'd get up, and say
to yourself "This is where I came in"
It's not like today, when they only let you enter the theater at the beginning of the film,
showing you way too many previews beforehand, and then the theater, usually in a multiplex,
empties out for at least a half-hour.
Actually, I think that this is an improvement.
I hate to tell you how many times my mother dragged me to the movies when I was a kid,
only to show up right in the middle of the picture, not knowing what the hell was going on
because I didn't know what preceded it.
And then she'd say "this is where we came in", and we'd leave.
If you ever say "This is where I came in" these days, it's got to make you at least 50.

So it's an expression that people used to say all the time.
Now, it's only an expression that only old people say all the time..........
Wait a minute.
This is where I came in.


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