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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Last Time He Parked His Karkus.

Anybody out there know who Parkyakarkus was?
The older you are, the more likely you are to know.
Parkyakarkus was a great comedian.
He was known primarily for his appearances on the Eddie Cantor radio show, where he
was really funny.
He also appeared in supporting roles in movies which did not show him off particularly
well, although there were glimmers of his greatness.
His actual name was Harry Einstein.
He might be best known for being Albert Brooks' father.
He was also the father of Bob Einstein, best-known as "Super Dave" Osborne.
I'm sure Bob appreciates the second billing he has been relegated to all of his life.

They came by their gifts honestly.
I never really appreciated how truly funny Parkyakarkus was until yesterday.
On the "Classic Television Showbiz" website, run by a young fellow named Kliph Nesteroff,
there was a recording of Harry's appearance at a Friars Club Roast for Lucille Ball
and Desi Arnaz on November 24th 1958.
It was perhaps the funniest nine and-a-half minutes of stand-up comedy ever done.
Easily funnier than anything his sons ever did.
And that's saying something.
It was also the most compelling piece of show business I have ever been privy to.
Harry killed that night.
He devastated the huge crowd.
Gales of laughter.
I was sitting at my computer, laughing hard, out loud, continually.
This caused my wife to call out "What's going on in there?"
I just continued to giggle.
When Harry finished his priceless nine and-a-half minutes, he retreated from the
podium, took his seat, keeled over, and almost immediately dropped dead.
There were appropriate cries of "Is there a doctor in the house?!!"
And, it being the Friars Club, there were more than a handful.
They tried valiantly to save Harry, but they couldn't.
And you knew before you listened to it that this was going to be the outcome.
Because it was accompanied by newspaper articles that explained what happened.
So it was chilling.
So far, it's still posted as today's lead article, but Kliph tehds to put up new ones almost every day.
So if it isn't still up there, you can find it by doing a search on his website.
This is a must for anyone who loves great comedy.
And great drama.

What a way to go.


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  1. Classic! I always heard about this event but never heard the actual routine until now. Kind of a miracle it was recorded.

  2. After listening to this monolog (which wholly deserves its reputation), I went over to YouTube.

    Not long before this event took place, PLAYHOUSE 90 aired a filmed show titled "No Time At All".

    YouTube only has the opening and closing of the show, but it is (or was) available on DVD from ... somewhere.

    In the meantime, everybody can go and get a look at Harry Einstein, who is one of the featured stars of the show - along with a lot of other interesting people (no spoilers - go and look for yourself).

    By the way, "No Time At All" is based on a novel by Charles Einstein, who was Harry Einstein's son from his first marriage; Charles may be best known as the compiler of the FIRESIDE BOOKS OF BASEBALL, which I grew up on.
    Harry's sons from his second marriage are Albert Brooks and 'Super Dave Osborne' - but you already knew that, didn't you?

    Forgive the showing off, but sometimes it just happens ...

    And now I gotta try to order that DVD - this sounds like a really interesting show ...

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