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Friday, May 16, 2014

Billy Boy "Priceline" Shatner.

Beginning today, I've been appearing as a celebrity guest t the Novi Comic-Con, here in Detroit.
As a result,I've made some local TV and radio appearances promoting the event and my appearance at it.
As a result, I've been dealing with various publicity people connected with the event.
They haven't had time to deal with me very much, because apparently William Shatner, who is by far and away the biggest draw and attraction at this event this year, has been giving them fits.
Making demands that have had them all running around like chickens without heads.
This was happening at least the day before the event.
I didn't know if this had straightened itself out until today.
That's when I found out that it hadn't straightened itself out at all.
Huge lines of people were waiting patiently to get Shatner's autograph.
At 75 smackers a pop.
Or to even get a glimpse of him.
Which wasn't possible.
The event started at 12:30 pm and ended at 7pm.
And Shatner didn't arrive until 6:30pm.
Maybe he booked a bad flight on Priceline?
He gave strict instructions that he would only sign autographs.
Not photos.
And he wouldn't pose for a photo with anyone.
For ANY price.
And that no one could look at him without the privilege of paying for it.
There was a woman in a wheelchair who wasn't allowed to rise to see him without paying for it.
I don't know.
You're 84 years old.
I guess that can make you a little cranky.
I guess that can make you want to take a crap on everyone in sight.
So why take the gig?
It can't be for the money.
Even at 75 smackers a pop.
Why not just stay in the house?
If I learn any more about this, I'll report about it next week.


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