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Friday, February 20, 2015

Rothman's Picks For The Oscars. Part Four.

Best Picture.

· “American Sniper”---A warmed over version of "The Hurt Locker". Didn't like that either.

· “Birdman”--Wonderful moments, but wildly inconsistent.

· “Boyhood”---I am the little boy who sees that the King is naked. Horrendous.

· “The Imitation Game”---I knew nothing about this story, and I think it helped me enjoy it tremendously.

· “The Grand Budapest Hotel”---Masterfully artful, but perhaps lacking in substance.

· “Selma"---Didn't see it, but I have a feeling that I'd react to it the way I reacted to "Lee Daniels' "The Butler", or or "Twelve Years a Slave", or whatever else Oprah turns out, striving for nobility, and perhaps futzing with the truth about LBJ.

· “The Theory of Everything”---Didn't care about Hocking's personal life. Wasn't overwhelmed by Redmayne's performance.

· “Whiplash”---I loved everything about this movie, Particularly J.K. Simmons.

To me it's a three horse race. I would vote for "The Imitation Game". There's what to be said for substance.
"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is a very close second, mainly because of it's technique. But there is really no substance.
"Whiplash"---I just really enjoyed the hell out of it.
If any of these win, I'd be very happy.
If any of the others win, I'd be very sad.

Enjoy the show!!


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