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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"You Are Cool! " Part 2..

The latter group of those about whom one can legitimately sarcastically say "You are cool!" contain several political figures, exclusively of the Republican variety.
I suppose a case can be made that all Republicans can be put in that category, and that there really isn't any variety among them.
I wouldn't say it about Rick Santorum, or Paul Ryan.
I don't agree with a word they say, but they both seem to handle themselves with at least some dignity.
On the far, other end of the spectrum is Bobby Jindal.
The idea that this man is attempting to run for President is so short-sighted.
Where does he think he's going to get people to vote for him?
Who on earth is going to vote for someone who so closely resembles Alfred E. Neuman?
It's not just his looks.
He seems to have the emptiest head of any politician out there.
There's not even any concept of cool.

Ann Coulter goes on TV whenever anyone lets her so she can hawk her latest book, where she yells and yammers and has nothing good to say about anyone.
Yeah, Ann, you are cool.

Bill Kristol, the political columnist, as opposed to Billy Crystal, the great entertainer, who appears far too regularly on "This Week With George Stephanopolous" as the representative of smarminess has another claim to the title----he is invariably wrong about everything.
He is often asked to offer up a prediction about something. He is never right.
I mean never.
What does it take to get this man off television?
The fact that he has the nerve to accept the check they give him is the epitome of cheek.
And the antithesis of cool.

I would have more than just to say in passing Dennis Miller, the King of Smarm.
But his career is essentially over, so I don't want to indulge in overkill.
But yeah, Dennis, you are cool.

And finally, Mandy Patinkin.
Mandy Patinkin is in many ways a great singer and performer.
But not all ways.
He has this regular tendency to go way over the top.
In a truly sickeningly way.
And you never know when it's going to happen.
And when it does, you wan't to yell out "Yeah Mandy, you are cool!"


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  1. I’m delighted to see you indulging in some apt political commentary, Mark. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the creation of a sitcom, based on the antics of a wacky right-wing southern governor with Presidential aspirations, ala Bobby Jindal? The comic possibilities are mind-boggling. It might not fly on the four major broadcast networks, which are compelled to try to appeal to a very broad audience, but perhaps it could find life on a cable channel like Comedy Central, producer of The Colbert Report, which parodied a wacky right-wing TV pundit. Comedy is an art at which conservatives and Republicans don’t generally flourish. Dennis Miller may be somewhat of a rare exception, but as you pointed out, “…his career is essentially over.”

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