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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Okay, So Who's Worse, Governor Snyder Or Cosby?

It's a no-brainer.
At worst, Cosby raped around eighty women.
They all survived.
Certainly not without trauma, but with their health.
He's admitted to at least drugging some women, albeit ostensibly by their own consent.
But we all know better.
Even so, we're talking eighty relatively healthy women.
Governor Snyder was a total scumbag when he replaced legitimately elected officials in Michigan with his own appointed "city managers".
In predominantly poor, black areas.
And there is no doubt in my mind that he knew well in advance of the magnitude of the water problem in Flint, Michigan.
And was willing to tell their citizens that there was nothing wrong with the drinking water.
"Drink all you want! It won't hurt you!"
Major health damage will be done in Flint.
We can't even fathom the extent of it.
Ten people have already been killed because of this.
It might end up killing many, many children.
And adults.
There is most-likely irreversible brain damage on it's way.
Snyder is totally responsible for this.
The buck stops with him.
Nobody else.
He doesn't even seem to understand why he's being blamed.
Sure, he doesn't.
This was not his "Katrina" as Snyder put it.
Katrina was a natural disaster.
Flint is a disaster created by Snyder.
Just to save money.
Not even a lot of money.
So he could further justify the tax breaks he gave to the rich guys who elected him.
He was told there were problems from the beginning, and just turned a blind eye to it.
And, as of this writing, nothing of substance has been done to fix the problem.
This is of course, inexcusable.
And don't give me "lack of intent".
Yes, Cosby had darker intentions, and no, Snyder didn't deliberately want to inflict damage on an entire city.
He was merely disinterested about it.
How much better is that?
At best, you can say he is a bottom-feeder, a political hack.
At worst he should be regarded as a mass murderer as the death toll mounts.
Along the lines of Adolf Eichmann, the difference being that if believed, Eichmann was only carrying out orders.
Snyder essentially gave the orders.
He must resign, be prosecuted, and throw himself on the mercy of the court, who should show him none.
Why isn't this THE biggest story of our time?
Of ANY time?

Give me Cosby any day.


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  1. why must i choose one? can't we disembowel both?

  2. Replies
    1. okay. electrocute the governor, but have cosby
      throw the switch while standing in a puddle of water.

  3. Certainly both men are guilty of heinous behavior. While I don’t think Cosby should be forgiven, you make a good point about the far more pervasive consequences of what Governor Snyder has apparently done, and the extreme public costs and the sheer numbers of lives it has utterly ruined, and in some cases, ended. As a lifelong Michigander, this hits home with me. I am a Democrat, and I have never voted for Snyder. I have agreed with him on two issues; his support of a second bridge to Canada, and his support for public transportation, the latter of which has been opposed by several other Republican Governors. Before the Flint crisis, my biggest beef with “The Tough Nerd,” as he calls himself, has been a systematic trashing of public education, not just in Detroit, but throughout the state. He did this in collusion with his compliant Republican legislature, through numerous bills that have been passed under the radar with little public knowledge. There’s a whole laundry list of other issues about our Governor that get deeply under my skin, but this latest fiasco with the Flint Water System is the worst. I believe more will emerge if it is properly investigated, and of course the old question will arise, asking “What did he know and when did he know it?” Many say he should be tried, and if guilty, convicted, and imprisoned. I heartily agree. The tragic results of what he’s done to Michigan are difficult to fully comprehend.

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