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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rothman's Pick For The Supreme Court.

Justice Scalia's biggest impact on the country was that he foisted, quite illegitimately, George W. Bush on the country as our President by handing him the election in 2000.
When questioned about it, he chose to only say "Get over it".
What kind of answer is that?
Now, there is only resistance by Republicans to even consider any nominee that President Obama might offer up.
If I were Obama, the first thing I would do is offer the vacancy to Elizabeth Warren.
She'd probably be reluctant to accept, and put herself through the ringer, but I'd say "Hold on Elizabeth".
Then, I'd sit down with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and offer my support to whoever agrees to appoint Elizabeth Warren once elected.
If they both do, so much the better.
The likelihood of a Democratic victory and a Democratic-controlled Senate is much more likely if the voters know that a Warren confirmation is likely.
The Republicans might cave when Obama nominates Warren, if only to hold on to the Senate.
Warren might just be up for the fight anyway,
Who knows?
Where is it written that Obama's pick has to be a Conservative?
Isn't this the point of having elected a Democrat in the first place?
Warren's credentials are impeccable.
So that's the way I'd handle it.
Just one American's opinion.


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