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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eighteen Hundred And Sixty-Two Dollars Is A Lot Better Than Forty Dollars.

A while back, I mentioned that "The New Odd Couple", the one with Matthew Perry, redid one of the scripts I wrote over forty years ago on the original
"Odd Couple".
Nobody informed me of this.
Nobody sent me a check.
They just upped and did it, thinking they would just get away with it.
After a short period of stewing about it, I decided to contact the Writers Guild, to see if there could be any form of redress.
It was my understanding that they couldn't just do this and not compensate me for it.
The Writers Guild immediately created an arbitration case on my behalf.
They seemed more outraged than I was.
This was certainly encouraging.
Forms were filled out, statements were taken.
"The Odd Couple", to their credit, acknowledged some responsibility.
I would be seeing some money.
I was asked if I wished to participate in a class action suit in this matter.
I saw no reason not to.
Like I said, the Guild seemed more outraged than I was.
Weeks went by, and I was informed by letter that I would receive shared Story Credit.
I'd hoped for more, but did not really expect more, being that there was extensive rewriting of my original story.
So I accepted my fate.
I still thought I would receive a reasonable amount of money.
More weeks went by and I received by mail, a residual check for forty dollars.
Of course, my reaction was "forty dollars? I went to all that trouble for forty dollars?"
There was no point in arguing with anybody. It was what it was.
At that point, I figured that all I had to root for was further reruns of that episode.
They always diminish.
So I figured I'd get something like thirty-six dollars, then thirty-two if there was another rerun...
You get the drift.
I completely put the notion of the class action suit out of my mind.
Then, lo and behold, I received another letter from the Guild, informing me that the class action suit was settled.
Included in the envelope was a check for Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Two Dollars.
And that settled the matter.
In most show business circles, Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Two Dollars would be considered chump change.
But everything's relative.
Speaking of relative, if my mother was still alive, and I related this story to her, her precise quote would be
"Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Two Dollars is a lot better than Forty Dollars"
And she'd be right.
And there's still the potential for those checks for thirty-six, thirty-two, thirty, and on down.
So I'm fine with it all.


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  1. The Writer's Guild was concerned that it was not receiving contributions to the pension, health and welfare fund.

  2. It's ironic that this new TV version of "The Odd Couple" would just assume that they could use your story.

    Because it was the original TV version of "The Odd Couple" that taught us all what happens when you assume.

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