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Friday, December 9, 2016

Report Card---"Sully"

It turns out that there is a whole lot more to the "Sully" story than the fact that he landed the plane on the Hudson River and everyone survived.
That's all I knew about it going in.
I hadn't any idea that he got a whole lot of flak from the NTSB  to the point that there was a major investigation which came very close to casting Sully as a careless villain who played fast and loose with his options, and could have grounded him permanently..
It's the playing out of this public investigation that is the guts of this movie.
This is an extremely satisfying film.

On to the scoring:

Is it interesting?

Consistently absorbing.

Compelling even?


Is it controversial?

It was at the time.

Is it a story worth telling?


Is it good storytelling?


Is it well written?


Is it well cast? Well played?

Yes and yes.  Hanks is his usual awesome.  He's perfect..  Laura Linney, whom I love, is kind of wasted in  of those "loyal wife" roles, but it's always good to see her.

Well shot?

Clint Eastwood was at the helm.  I am no fan of Eastwood being at the helm.  He has had a tendency to make stuff up, as in the J. Edgar Hoover biopic.  But here, he had the good taste to tell the true story, probably because  Sully was on the set, and kept things accurate.
So Eastwood simply stayed out of the way and shot it well

Did the director put such a personal stamp on it so that no one else could have made it?

Not really.

How long does it take to establish the film's locale and time period?

Immediately.  Not a problem.

Is it too long? Too short?

Length was not a problem.

Is it believable? Do you care about the characters?

Very much, and very much.

Is it predictable? Does it surprise you?

It was all a major revelation.

Do you think about it after you've seen it?


Is it funny?

Here and there.

Would it have been worth the thirteen bucks it would have cost to see it in the movies?

At least six bucks, but that's me.

Is it impressive?


Overall grade: A..

Very much worth your time.


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  1. Mark:
    Unfortunately, the conflict the movie presents is from our post-fact era. There was no conflict between Sully and the NTSB, which was simply investigating the crash, as it does every crash, to see what can be learned about landing a crippled airliner under circumstances no one had ever successfully handled. See, e.g.
    for one of many critiques of the film adding a fake narrative to bulk out a story.

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