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Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Semi-Immediate Plans.

In  exactly two weeks from today and tomorrow,  March 25th and 26th,  I will be appearing at the Hollywood Celebrity Autograph Show in downtown Chicago.
I will have my own table, where I will be happy to meet you, sign autographs, and offer my books for sale, autographing them personally with each purchase.
The books are "I'm Not Garbo", my novel,  my one work of fiction, and the best thing I've ever written, and Mark Rothman's Essays, a collection of essays that have long been removed from the blog, and which you've probably never read.
If I'm not enough of an attraction for you, consider this:  Angie Dickinson will be there.
Stephanie Powers will be there.  Ed Asner will be there.  Dawn "Mary Ann" Wells will be there.
Larry Thomas, the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld, will be there.  Charlene Tilton from "Dallas" will be there. Richard Chamberlain will be there.
I don't know about you, but I want to see ALL of these people.
There will be many others. 
You can check out the whole list and get all the info at
I look forward to seeing all of you,  whether you buy a book or not.
Now, there's no baseball yet, no football, it's a week before the NCAA Championship.
Those will be day games, so they can be Tivoed and watched at night.
So what better is there to do that weekend in Chicago?
I can't think of anything.


My books, "Show Runner" and it's sequel, "Show Runner Two", can be found at the Amazon Kindle Store.
Along with the newer ones, "The Man Is Dead", and "Report Cards".
They are all compilations of blog entries that have since been removed from the blog.
So this is the only way you can find them.
You can search by typing in my name, Cindy Williams, Laverne and Shirley, The Odd Couple, or Happy Days.
Check them out.
You don't need a Kindle machine to download them.
Just get the free app from Kindle, and they can be downloaded to an IPhone, IPad, or Blackberry.
The paperbacks, "Mark Rothman's Essays" and my new novel, "I'm Not Garbo" are not e-books.
But they are available for people without Kindle.
I have many readings and signings lined up for those, and the thing about Kindle is you can't sign one.
If you'd like one of the paperbacks, personally autographed, contact me at
And now, we've got my reading of my "Laverne and Shirley Movie" screenplay on YouTube.



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