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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Let's Make It A Fair Fight.

There's this new cable channel called CBS All-Access.
To promote it, along with a lot of old shows, they have this extension of "The Good Wife" called
"The Good Fight".
It has several elements of "The Good Wife"---Christine Baranski,  several other familiar cast members,  the tone and level of writing.
They offered the first hour on CBS Prime Time, for free.
But all episodes following cost seven bucks a month.
Now, I don't mind paying extra for extra programming on cable.
I have Netfllix, and Amazon Prime.
Both channels have tons of original programming.
CBS All Access only has "The Good Fight" and nothing else new.
Unless they get their act together, they'll never get their hands on my money.
At least give some indication that they are headed in that direction.
Otherwise,  I'll just have to wait until there is enough original programming that I want to see, so that I feel comfortable ordering CBS All access and begin binge-watching "The Good Fight"
This is my first threat.
I'm serious.

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  1. i'm with you. this ala carte shit is for the birds.

  2. I'll wait for the season to end, pay the 7 bucks for one month only, and then cancel.

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  4. You could be qualified to get a free $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.



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