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Monday, February 27, 2017

Rothman's On The Case. (I.E. "There's Always A Woman")

First of all, it was a very entertaining show.
Particularly if you take my approach and watch it on half-hour tape delay, and skip through most of the technical awards.
Jimmy Kimmel seemed most at home as the host.
Made me  laugh out loud quite a few times.  Beginning with referring to Meryl Streep as "wildly overrated"
The highlight of the evening was when they brought out the women from "Hidden Figures" to give out the Best Documentary Award, accompanied by one of the original math geniuses whom the film the film was based on.
This was immediately followed by the lowlight of the evening: giving the award to the "O.J." documentary.  A film that only exists because of the most lurid, exploitative event of our times.
I mean, that woman, that pioneer, who did more for our country than most of us, was sitting on stage as those selfish producers were going through their  self- congratulatory flailings, celebrating two bloody murders, could just sit there and watch.

I found the "In Memoriam" segment particularly disturbing: mainly because of the unusually high ratio of honorees that I never heard of compared to those I has in previous years.
There were literally 21 people honored who I, I having spent a lifetime in show business, never heard of.
The list was literally sprinkled with publicists, and script supervisors, whilst---

Edward Albee--who wrote "Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?"

Hugh O'Brian--Many movies, and Wyatt Earp, for chrissakes!

William Schallert---Patty Duke's father, more movie credits than just about anybody.

Gloria DeHaven---An actual movie star.

Fyvush Finkel---memorable in all of his appearances.

Marvin Kaplan---One of the movies' great character voices and faces.

Noel Neill---TV's most noteworthy Lois Lane.  Also appeared with Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris"

Abe Vigoda---Most memorable as Tessio in "The Godfather", then for all those years of people thinking he was dead when he wasn't.

Frank Sinatra, Jr.---Okay, he didn't do much in movies, but come on!  He was still Frank Jr.!
Don't we still want to make the old man happy?

Remove half of the "honorees" that you had and add these.  Then you got something.
This was just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, to the Warren Beatty matter:  We're missing the obvious here.  Beatty didn't read ANYTHING.
Emma Stone never let go of the card that had her name on it. 
She went right up to the mike in the press room and showed it off.
Do you really want to believe that there was a duplicate card?
That's Price Waterhouse's only job.
To avoid this kind of shit.
So what happened?
My best guess, and I think it's more than a guess,  is that Beatty, 80 years old, too vain to wear eyeglasses, blind as a bat, couldn't read the card, and showed it to Dunaway without giving it to her.
Dunaway, also known for her vanity and also blind as a bat also couldn't read it, but pro that she was, stepped up and read the card and she just guessed, and all hell broke loose.
I really don't like disparaging bats like this, but point out the flaws, here.  I'll listen.
Believe what you want.
I've got my story, and I'm sticking to it.
It's more fun to blame Faye Dunaway, anyway.


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  1. It actually is pretty clear that Beatty did have the wrong envelope. Freeze framing the video, one can clearly see that the envelope he was holding said "Best Actress in a Leading Role". From what I read, there really are two full sets of envelopes in order to allow the presenters to enter from either side of the stage. Beatty must have entered from the opposite side from where Leo DeCaprio entered and was accidentally handed the duplicate Best Actress envelope instead of the Best Picture one.

  2. I guess I have to make more of an effort to indicate that I am kidding.

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