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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Danny Kaye.

JLTV, the Jewish Live Television Network, a cable station which comes with my cable package, and
features all things Jewish, a la the original Goldbergs  with Gertrude Berg, Soupy Sales (a jew),
Candid Camera (Allen Funt was a Jew) That Show (Joan Rivers' first syndicated talk show, before she had any work done, Lord knows she was a jew.  Jack Benny.  Notice a theme?
With much fanfare, they just added "The Danny Kaye Show", his variety series from the 1960s.
I consider this a major gift.  
I never got to see it much when it was first on.  Now I'm able to go back and watch the whole series. After 50 years. 
And it is wonderful.
Danny Kaye was a great entertainer.
You really can't tell what an asshole he was in real life, which in fact he was.
He hid it well.  And I am able to separate his TV persona from his real life.
He has wonderful guests whom you don't get to see very often elsewhere.
Imogene Coca was on frequently, at the top of her game.
Diahann Carroll, underappreciated for the singer that she is, shows off her singing chops
All the guests are used to really show them off to their best.
And Danny sings a lot of his wife's (Sylvia Fine's) material.  It was hilarious
And is unmatched anywhere else.
It's reason enough to seek it out on your cable.
If your carrier doesn't carry it,  it's time to bellyache.
It's worth the trouble.

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