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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Things That You See On TV, And Can't Avoid.

Besides Trump.
And you're right.
That's too easy.
I'll try not to do it again.

No, I'm referring to a commercial that is currently running on the MLB Premium Channel between innings.
It's for AT&T and its various plans.
It features Mark Wahlberg. 
And some of them also feature Angelica Huston dressed in an evening gown, with huge green dollar signs covering her front and back.
I don't care about Mark Wahlberg, but I for one, do not want to see Angelica Huston traipsing around
in an evening gown with huge green dollar signs covering her front and back.
And they show it between every half-inning.
I most often am exposed to it with the sound off, because I am usually watching more than one game at a time.
You can watch up to four at a time.
I often do.
There is nothing more or less offensive with the sound on.
It's much too much trouble to keep trying to turn off games.
I've tried, believe me, I've tried.
And I'm not giving up watching baseball.
I don't remember whether or not Angelica Huston is introduced by name.
It makes no difference.
I've also seen it on regular TV.
Does this one-time Oscar winner really need to do this for the money?
I'd hate to think so.
I'm sure the ad executive who came up with this thought it would a riot.
Trust me.  It's not.
It is just sad.
I mean, this is someone who is Cinematic and Theatrical Royalty.
John Huston's daughter, and Walter Huston's grand-daughter.
I have an AT&T phone.
I'm thinking of switching to Sprint.

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