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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


What will turn into at least an eight part series of articles about my top ten favorite sitcoms wil begin next time.

But I have some hard news:
My book, "Mark Rothman's Essays" has been doubled in size. There are over 500 pages, and it is retitled "Show Runner, my life and opinions in and out of the sitcom trenches" And There is a Foreword by Cindy Williams.

It is available for only $12.99

There is one catch: It's only available as an e-book. And, at the moment, only at Amazon. You can easily find it and sample it at the Amazon Kindle Store.
Yuo will need a Kindle to be able to download it.
If you're paying attention, you might notice that I've removed roughly 250 more pages from the blog. This is the content that I've added to the e-book.

Within the next two weeks, there will be another 500 pages worth of blog essays, which will be called "Show Runner TWO, the Sequel"
The blog will further be ravaged accordingly..

"Show Runner" can be found at Amazon if you search my name, Cindy Williams, Laverne & Shirley, The Odd Couple, and Happy Days.
You might want to check it out.

The paperback, "Mark Rothman's Essays" is still available for people without Kindle. I have many readings and signings remaining, and the thing about Kindle is you can't sign one.

You might want to check out the Kindle Store. It is the wave of the future, so consider me a surfer.


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