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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Next-To-The Last Honorables

I've got 10 Honorable Mention candidates left, and I'm back on numerical track.
So I'll list and describe them over the next two posts as #20 down to #11.
Then, we will get to the actual Top Ten, numbered from #10 to #1.
Here we go:

Lotsa' Luck.
Dom Deluise as bus driver Stanley Belmont, and Kathleen Freeman as his mother.
One of the funniest comic actors ever, and arguably the funniest mother ever.
Stanley is beseiged weekly by his family who lives with him.
Great writing. Simply hilarious.

Dharma and Greg.
More of a salute to Chuck Lorre's brilliance.
And I was and am in love with Jenna Elfman.
It's neck and neck between her and Lisa Kudrow.
Great supporting cast as well.

Mike and Molly.
Yet even more of a salute to Chuck Lorre's brilliance.
Everyone in the cast is quite appealing.
Maybe if there was more of a sampling of it, it would rate even higher.

Mister Peepers.
From the early to mid-fifties.
A very gently performed, witty comedy.
Wally Cox as a shy junior high school science teacher.
He was brilliant.
It also introduced Tony Randall as one of the other teachers, Harvey Weskit, which allowed him to perfect the character he played later on in
all those Doris Day-Rock Hudson movies.
And it had Marion Lorne.
If you'd only known her from "Bewitched" or "The Garry Moore Show", mumbling her way through life, you have no concept of just how funny she was. That's where she did her BEST mumbling. What a hoot!

Ostensibly born as a "Seinfeld" ripoff, it had very finely drawn characters.
It was hugely funny.
It had everybody in love with everybody else.
In a good way.
It had Lisa Kudrow.
'Nuff said.

Numbers 15 through 11 next time.


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  1. Yes, I fondly remember "Lotsa Luck," too. Also notable in the cast were Beverly Sanders and Wynn Irwin as DeLuise's sister and brother-in-law, respectively. (The brother-in-law, supposedly too sick to work, always wore a bathrobe, as I recall, unless he had to go out to get some "salve.")

    I think the first episode was directed by Carl Reiner was at least partly about getting a new toilet seat, an earthier plot that most sitcoms usually had at that time.

    One thing: I don't think Stanley was a bus driver but rather was in charge of the lost and found department at the bus company. Somehow I recall DeLuise telling a talk show host that Stanley was originally going to be a bus driver, "but Gleason was going to step on us."



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