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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shakin' It Up. 2.

More women who shook it up for a living:

Sheree North:
She made one of her earliest appearances on film shakin' it up in the Martin
and Lewis movie "Living It Up"
In "Living It Up", she did virtually nothing BUT shake it up.
Then, she signed on at Fox to essentially be Marilyn MONroe's caddy.
When that didn't pan out, they brought in Jayne Mansfield in that role.
Sheree never shook it up again to my knowledge after "Living It Up", and she then
appeared sporadically on TV and in minor movies.
She died about eight years ago.
Nothing really good came out of "Shakin it up" for Sheree.

Tina Turner:

She was actually one of the few who survived "Shakin' it up".
I think that it was Ike who imposed it on her.
And she shook it up great.
Once she was free of him, "Shakin' it up" went on the back burner.
Her great singing came to the fore.
Good for her.

Joey Heatherton:

This is certainly one of the sadder cases.
She was all about "Shakin' it up"
She never had any kind of a singing voice.
She was the daughter of Ray Heatherton, who played quite wholesome "Merry Mailman"
on early TV.
I'm sure he was quite proud.
Particularly when she had her major drug problems, and was married to Pro Football
star Lance Rentzel, who was arrested for exposing himself to little girls.
Not a peep out of Joey when that happened.
I sort of kind of expected her to do what Judy Garland did at the end of "A Star Is
Born", and step out in public and say "This is Mrs. Lance Rentzel".
This didn't happen.
She faded into oblivion.
Most likely along with her looks.

It has primarily been a bumpy road for the profession.

I'll conclude next time with the final examples of career "Shakin' it up" women.


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  1. However belatedly, I have to point something out about Sheree North.

    While it's true enough that the "shakin'" part of her career came to an early end, the fact is that, alone out of all the people you've mentioned in this series, Sheree North enjoyed a long and successful career as a character actress in movies and TV.

    Check out her credits at IMDb, and then tell us exactly how you define the word "sporadically".

    Everyone's showbiz career should be that sporadic.

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