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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Buddy Hackett On The OTN.

Only one entry today.
Last time, I indicated that "Life With Father" was the only sitcom that aired live in the fifties.
I was mistaken.
"Mr. Peepers" aired live.
As did another sitcom that I remember seeing when I was nine years old.
It was called "Stanley", and starred Buddy Hackett in 1956 on NBC.
I recalled it being hilarious then.
I have recently made a new friend, who is a collector of old TV shows, and we have been trading DVDs of very rare episodes of shows.
He just sent me three episodes of "Stanley"
They were at least as funny as I remember them being.
They made 26 of them.
Carol Burnett was Buddy's co-star, playing his girlfriend, Celia.
This was before she made any kind of a splash in show business.
I believe it was her first job.
And she had absolutely all of her shit together then.
Buddy Hackett was a wonderful comic actor.
Just as he was a wonderful standup comic.
Just as he was, as I'm given to understand, a completely miserable human being.
I have never heard anyone say anything nice about him personally.
But that doesn't disturb me, as it did about Danny Kaye.
Buddy Hackett never went out of his way to falsely convince anyone that he was a nice guy.
So it never mattered to me.
And he was hilarious.
As was Carol Burnett.
As was the show.
It was helmed by Max Liebman, who helmed "Your Show of Shows"
Sid Caesar's writers were very much in evidence.
Woody Allen was credited with writing two out of the three episodes I saw.
First rate writing, and first rate performing.
A rare combination.
My newfound friend has told me that he has the entire 26 episodes, and that I will have them soon.
You should all be so lucky.

Mark Rothman, CEO of the OTN.


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  1. Other live sitcoms of the era include THE GROWING PAYNES with Elaine Stritch, MY FAVORITE HUSBAND with Joan Caulfield, LEAVE IT TO LARRY with Eddie Albert, MEET MILLIE with Elena Verdugo, TWO GIRLS NAMED SMITH with Peggy Ann Gardner, HONESTLY CELESTE with Celeste Holm, TOO YOUNG TO GO STEADY with Joyce Bulifant, COLONEL HUMPHREY FLACK, THAT WONDERFUL GUY with Jack Lemmon, and many, many more.

  2. Bob is my new found friend, so who am I to argue with him?
    Although I know that at least three of the shows he mentions also ran as filmed shows.

  3. Buddy on the Tonight Show was always a riot. A couple of his appearances are preserved on YouTube. The Duck Joke being my favorite one.

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  5. You are killing me here, Mark. It was bad enough to find out that Buddy Hackett was a jerk in real life, but Danny Kaye???? Dany Kaye???? I've seen "White Christmas" dozens (possibly hundreds) of times. I love "Hans Christian Andersen." You're telling me that the guy who sang "Ugly Duckling" to the poor little boy who was being bullied was not a nice man? On another note, I wish I could see "Stanley" episodes just to see Carol Burnett in that role.

  6. Maureen, I have been hacked, and lost all my e-mail. I'm going to write about it next time.
    Could you resend me our e-mail exchanges?

  7. About your computer, Mark...did Buddy Hackett???

  8. Speaking of Danny Kaye - brilliant in THE COURT JESTER - "the chalice with the palace and the vessel with the pestle".

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