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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My computer was hacked this morning, causing me to lose all my e-mails, all my sent e-mails, and all my contacts.
I have already fixed the problem for the future, so my e-mail address,, is still intact.
And I have already received some e-mails from friends, telling me that not only have I been hacked, but that in "my" email to them, I am claiming that I am stranded in Africa, and need them to send me money.
I am not stranded in Africa, and do not need anyone to send me money.
I have lost my OTN list and my blog subject list.
I am attempting to reconstruct them.
If anyone out there would like to send me your contact information, I would be grateful to receive it.
This is particular shout out to Maureen Paraventi, whose e-mail exchanges with me were going to be the subject of today's post.
I hope you have saved them and can send them, Maureen.

So I'm busy trying to fix problems today.
I hope things will be back to normal by Thursday.

Welcome to the dark side of the modern age.


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And now, we've got my reading of my "Laverne & Shirley Movie" screenplay on YouTube.


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