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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The End Of An Error. 6.

The rest of the SNL cast members who made some sort of impact and whom I had less than any use for (alphabetically, and subjectively):

1- Tracy Morgan.

A cross-pollination of Belushi and Eddie Murphy.
The worst of both.

2- Bobby Moynihan.

Being roly-poly and extroverted does not make you Belushi.

3- Eddie Murphy.

The first dangerous black man on SNL.
I saw him live in Vegas at his height.
Warmed over Cosby and Pryor.
Didn't make me laugh once.
Except for Buh' wheat on SNL.
Mister Robinson's Neighorhood was just creepy.
He appeared on an HBO comedy competition against four other comics.
He must have been about 20 at the time.
He finished fifth, and deserved to.
Rookie jitters?

4- Joe Piscopo.

If we weren't doing this alphabetically, when it came to wasting everybody's time, he would be King of the Hill,
Top of the Heap.
I've heard him bellyache that although he and Eddie Murphy came up at the same time, he never had the chance to become as big a star as Eddie Murphy.
He couldn't come close to being as big a star as GEORGE Murphy.

5- Charles Rocket.

Not Lorne's fault.
Jean Doumanian's attempt to resurrect Chevy Chase.
At least with Chevy, there was a glimmer of humor.

6- Maya Rudolph.

Literally as if Ellen Cleghorne and Nora Dunn were able to have a natural-born adult child.

7- Andy Samberg.

Sure looked like he SHOULD have been funny.
Looks can be deceiving.

8- Horatio Sanz.

As if he and Bobby Moynihan were twins separated at birth.

9- Molly Shannon.

Everything she did left me cold and/or nauseous.

10- Julia Sweeney.

A one-joke, one trick pony.
A Shetland pony at best.
They even made a movie about it.
It was released at 65 minutes.
Can you imagine the crap that was cut out of that picture?

11- Terry Sweeney.

Why didn't they just go out and get Jim Bailey?
He wasn't doing that much at the time, and he did a hell of a Judy Garland impression.

12- Kristen Wiig.

The female Joe Piscopo, with far more undeserved success.

How the hell did they miss out on Yakoff Smirnoff?

One more go-round next time, concentrating on really good people they had that they misused and let slip through their collective fingers.


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