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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Blatantly Anti-Semitic Commercial.

I'm writing about this now, because I don't know how much longer it's going to be around.
The commercial is for the Volkswagen Jetta.
Germans, of all people, should be particularly sensitive to this sort of thing.
They're not.
Three elderly obviously Jewish women, with thick Jewish accents, are taking a test drive of the new Jetta.
There is a young obviously Gentile salesman who is chauffeuring them around.
They embarrassingly openly flirt with this young salesman, who claims to not be embarrassed.
He most certainly is.
He openly indulges them.
Anything to make the sale.
The women then proceed to engage in blatant open "hondling', a Yiddish expression meaning 'bargaining beyond every boundary of good taste".
And they agree to buy the car.
If these women weren't Jewish, this commercial would never bear any resemblance to reality.
I'm not saying that this sort of thing doesn't go on.
I'm sure it does.
All the time.
It's certainly nothing I'm proud of.
But it doesn't need to be nationally exposed like this.
It's the kind of thing that leads Gentiles to think, and even say out loud, "See, I told you. They're ALL like that".
And I'm afraid that far too many of us are.
But this certainly sustains the stereotype.
Anti-Semitism is still almost as prevalent as racism.
If you replaced every reference to "Mexicans" that Donald Trump makes, and replace it with the word "Jews", he would probably be met with at least as much enthusiasm.
That's how scary he is to me.
I don't think that Germans have the right to promulgate this sort of thing.
I know quite a few Jews who still won't buy any German car.
The Holocaust, after all. was not that long ago.

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  1. I just saw this commercial and immediately felt it was anti Semitic. I was surprised that this blog was the only comment I found on the subject. The other ads with these old ladies didn't seem to cross the line. This one did with the negative stereotypes. Thanks for the blog post! We need to help stop anti Semitic acts, and not support them.

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