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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Watching Baseball With Tessie And Stanley.

I watch baseball on TV just about every day during the season.
I watch a lot of baseball.
I have the MLB package, that lets me see all the games being played.
I don't watch them all.
Only the ones I bet on.
People ask me who I root for.
I always tell them "I root for my money."
I approach betting the games scientifically.
As a result, I have a reasonably high expectation of winning.
Or at least winning more than I lose.
And I do pretty well.
But I get pretty angry on days that I lose.
I also invariably watch the games with the sound off.
They sneak commercials in places they never snuck them before.
They'll say things like "This pitching change is brought to you by Belle Tire".
It used to be brought to you by nobody.
Now, everything is a business.
The worst broadcaster in the major league games is here in Chicago. Ken Harrelson who does the White Sox games.
Harrelson is the last of a dying breed, which should already have been extinct.
He is an out-and-out "homer".
He actively roots for the White Sox. Constantly.
This is bad form.
It is bush-league at it's worst.
So you have to shut the sound off.
Baseball is a very easy game to watch with the sound off.
But you don't want to sit there in silence.
So what do you do, if you're me?
If you're me you turn on Spotify and listen to your music of choice.
As I sometimes get anxiety-ridden when the games aren't going my way, I look for the most uplifting, relaxing music I can find.
I've found it by listening to British Music Hall selections, as embodied by Tessie O'Shea (best known for appearing on the first Ed Sullivan Show that featured the Beatles) and Stanley Holloway best known for his appearance in the original production of "My Fair Lady" (You know. "I'm gettin' married in the morning...ding dong the bells are gonna chime...")
There is a wealth of wonderful material from both of them, all in that vein.
So I watch the games along with Tessie and Stanley.
And it beats the hell out of "This pitching change is brought to you by Belle Tire."

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