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Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's Time To Shut Down The Movie Theaters.

I can't for the life of me, figure out why anyone would go to the movies these days.
Not only is there nothing worth seeing, but you are literally taking your life in your hands.
People are getting physically attacked, shot and killed.
All of this to see Mad Max?
There may be a few good movies out there, but nothing that can't wait until they show up on HBO, or Netflix.
Most of us have large enough TV screens that we're not sacrificing anything to see these movies on a slightly smaller screen.
Do we honestly think that this trend of copycat crime, where lunatics, invade movie theaters to kill people, will ease up?
Or that better laws on gun control, or beefed up security is going to stop this?
All that's going to stop this is to shut down the movie theaters.
Have you noticed that this never occurs with live theater?
Even lunatics realize how overpriced live theater is.
Forty bucks to see a play? Are you crazy?
It's too much trouble for them.
So I have no problem with going to see a play.
So Hollywood is the problem, and it must come up with the solution.
So if you run a studio, turn everything to live streaming pay-per-view events.
Yes, you won't make money on popcorn anymore, but that only makes the movie-going experience even safer and healthier.
Yes, I'll miss the smell, but we all must make sacrifices.
Maybe they can figure out a way to pump the popcorn smell into the home and work out a home popcorn delivery system.
Fourteen year old boys will have to find another reason to leave the house.
If they Hollywood wants to save IMax, figure out a way to get it into the home.
You Hollywood guys are geniuses.
Figure out something.
There is an entire industry at stake.

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