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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Weiner Comps. 4.

This one's virtually an entry:

Former Governor Jim McGreevey of New Jersey, and former Senator Larry Craig of Idaho.

The common threads: They're both gay, although Craig won't admit it.
And they're both politicians, like Weiner.

1) Seriousness of the scandal--
All there was with McGreevey was being gay.
He never portrayed himself as anti-gay.
He just was what he was.
Craig was the toe-tapper in the Minneapolis airport men's room.
However serious, it was an enormous brouhaha.
McGreevey, D. Craig, B+.

2) Degree of embarrassment they caused to themselves and others--
McGreevey did shlep his wive uponstage for the apology, but then sort of faded into oblivion.
Craig couldn't have been more embarrassing if he tried.
As was Weiner.
McGreevey, D. Craig, B+.

3) Whether or not an actual crime was committed--
McGreeevey--It's no crime to be gay, although many states would like it to be.
Craig pleaded to a misdemeanor.
No crime for Weiner.
McGreevey, A-. Craig, D+.
4) Whether or not the scandal caused him to resign from his job--
McGreevey resigned.
Craig went down swinging, did not resign, but could not win re-election.
Weiner bailed.
McGreevey, A. Craig, C.

5) Nature of the creepiness of the sexual indiscretion--

McGreevey----Nothing necessarily creepy about being gay.
Craig---Toe tapping in the public men's room? Pretty creepy.
McGreevey, D. Craig, A+.

6) The extent to which lying was involved:

I don't recall McGreevey lying.
I don't recall Craig NOT lying.
Nor Weiner. Until he got caught.
McGreevey, D. Craig, A-.

7) The likelihood of his recovering from the effects of the scandal:

McGreevey and Craig are both gone. Probably.for good.
Who knows with Weiner?
That's what we're trying to determine.

Overall Grades: McGreevey, D+. Craig, B+.


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