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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Weiner Comps. 5.

A couple of people who, prior to today, were probably never mentioned in the same sentence:
Michael Jackson, and Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagoyovich.
Two more different scandals could not possibly be imagined.
Let's see how it relates to Anthony Weiner.

1) Seriousness of the scandal--
Jacko---major questioning of his sexuality,his criminality, his pedophilia, and his eagerness to settle heavyweight lawsuits.
Blago---Similar type nicknames, but otherwise only questioning of his honesty and intelligence.
Nothing relating to his sexuality.
Jacko,B+. Blago, D.

2) Degree of embarrassment they caused to themselves and others--
Jacko--Perversion, proven or not, naturally leads to embarrassment.
Blago--Corruption in Illinois seems to be a license to not be embarrassed.
Jacko, A. Blago, D.

3) Whether or not an actual crime was committed--
Jacko--The jury is technically out, but in all reality, it's technically in.
You don't have fourteen children "Sleeping with you" and then settle all those enormous lawsuits.
You don't settle ANY.
The law must have been broken.
Blago---Was just convicted on most counts.
Neither of these really relate to Weiner.
He committed no crime that we know of.
Jacko, D. Blago, D.

4) Whether or not the scandal caused him to resign from his job--
Jacko---persevered, somewhat successfully, until his death.
Blago--Didn't get to resign. Was essentially thrown under the jail.
Jacko, D. Blago, B-.

5) Nature of the creepiness of the sexual indiscretion--
Jacko---About as creepy as you can get.
Blogo---Creepiness not really an element.
Jacko, A. Blogo D.

6) The extent to which lying was involved:

Jacko--It's hard to know what Jacko really believed about himself.
Blago---Lying is in his DNA.
Jacko, C-. Blago, A.

7) The likelihood of his recovering from the effects of the scandal:
Jacko. He's dead, so none.
Blago. He's figuratively dead, so none
Weiner's odds have to be at least somewhat better than this
Jacko, D. Blago, D.

Overall Rating--Jacko, C. Blago, D.

Except for the creepiness factor for Jacko, there is no real comp factor in existence here.


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