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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Honorables.

Today's Honorable Mentions for the Best TV Theme Songs of All Time.
More honorable in mind than the first three I mentioned last time, and as we descend on this page,
more and more honorable.

"Peyton Place"

Very similar to the theme of the movie, with a very lush orchestration.
I'm a sucker for lush.

"Hollywood and the Stars"

A documentary series that NBC ran on Monday nights in prime time in the sixties.
It was hosted by Joseph Cotten, and had majestic theme music. The only afterlife it has had is as the play-on music that
Paul Shaffer provides for Martin Short whenever he appears on Letterman.
As it plays, Short can be counted on to say "Thanks for remembering!"

"Happy Days" when they had Bill Haley and the Comets singing "Rock around
the Clock"

What's better than that? Certainly not what replaced it.


Whatever you thought of the show, you had to love that theme music.

"The Bill Dana Show"

A sitcom where he played Jose Jimenez as an elveator boy in a swanky hotel.
Great supporting cast. Don Adams, where he broke in a version of "Maxwell Smart,
Gary Crosby, and Jonathan Harris, pre-"Lost In Space", where he played the prissy hotel manager.
The theme music was full out elaborate, terrific, authentic sounding Mariachi music.
Composed by that great Mexican Mariachi composer, Irving Szathmary (actually Dana's
Hungarian Jewish brother). Proving once again that Jews can do anything.

More next time.


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  1. I loved that the Bonanza theme had lyrics. And somewhere there is a video of the original cast singing the song.

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