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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Top Ten TV Best Theme Songs Of All Time.

As advertised, I am going to take on a list of the Top Ten Greatest TV Series Theme Songs of All Time.
The response to the Top Ten Worst TV Series of All Time was quite enthusiastic.
So this seemed a natural follow-up.
I'm fairly certain it won't be nearly as funny as the Top Ten Worst list.
It's a lot easier to be funny about something bad than something good.
I think there were far more really good ones than bad ones, so the Honorable Mention
list will probably be somewhat longer than the Dishonorable Mention list was.
I don't think it will be so much about humor, although most of the time I can't help myself.
It will most-likely be more in the way of a public service.
My mentioning these theme songs will hopefully cause you to seek them out, either
on YouTube (when you are not watching me read my Laverne and Shirley screenplay)
or on websites devoted to TV theme songs.
And you'll be exposed to some really gorgeous music.
That was my primary criteria. To share rhapsodic feelings I had watching these
Sometimes just for the theme music.
It's why, if having to choose between having to go deaf or having to go blind,
I'd choose blind in a New York minute.
At this point of my life, I've pretty much seen all there is to see.
If I need to read something, there are always audiobooks.
But if I thought I'd never have the opportunity to hear really wonderful music
they way it was meant to be heard, I'd be a really sad guy.

Some of these choices are based on how well they set up the series itself, or
how much they enhanced the series.
Taste is also a factor.
Mine, and the person who chose the music to begin with.

Some of the choices are based on who sang the vocals, if they were in fact vocals.
There were some artists whom I'd never heard before they sang these theme songs.
And as a result, I became a fan of these people for life.

I think you'll find it interesting, and I'll begin the Honorable Mention list next time.


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  1. I love reading your blog.

    Ultimately, you may force me to get an E-book of some sort, so I can get your collections.

    That said, there is something ...

    "It's", with an apostrophe, is a contraction of the noun "it" and the verb "is".

    "Its", without an apostrophe, is the possessive form of "it" - as in "belonging to 'it'"

    You're not the only one who does this - over on Roger Ebert's blog it's (it is) almost epidemic - but the misuse drives me nuts with its frequency.

    OK, I wrote it, and odds are you'll forget it immediately, and so what?
    I still love your blog.

  2. I've seen conflicting reports about "it's" This way is much more natural and descriptive to me.
    I also don't write in paragraphs. That's more natural for me as well.
    I'm not twisting anyone's arms to get the e-books. But they are each over 500 pages. A pretty good bang for your buck.

  3. "I've seen conflicting reports about "it's""

    That is literally the best news I've had in years.

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