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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A YouTube Surprise.

I know the last couple of posts have been somewhat self-promoting.
I apologize for that.
I apologize for this one, too.
Because it will also be somewhat self-promoting.
If it is any consolation, I'm as surprised about it as you are.

Quite a while ago, I submitted a concept to the powers-that-were for a Laverne
and Shirley movie. This was when a movie based on some old TV series was coming out every other week.
It was responded to positively, and I wrote a screenplay.
When I handed it in, I also gave them a videotape of a live-audience reading I did
of the script. I don't know if the tape was ever looked at. Then the movie made
from the series "Bewitched" totally tanked at the box office, and suddenly the trend was over.
My idea was for two younger actresses, say, Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson, to play
Laverne and Shirley. There was even serious talk about Penny Marshall directing it.
The idea became still-born, and the movie was never made.
It's a shame. I thought I turned in a great script.
It addressed just about everything in the series that the series never addressed.
Such as:
"How did the girls meet each other?"
"How did they meet Lenny and Squiggy?"
How did Lenny and Squiggy meet each other?"
"How did the girls end up in that basement apartment?"
"Just what the heck does a bottlecapper do, anyway?"
"Why did they move to California?"
"Why did Laverne's father sell the Pizza Bowl?"
Why did EVERYBODY move to California?"
"What happened to Shirley?"
"Did she and Laverne ever reconcile after the series ended?"
All these questions and others were dealt with in my screenplay.

Just three days ago, I received a Google alert, telling me that Part One of me reading my screenplay,
the first fifteen minutes, from that videotaped reading I did, is now up on YouTube.
I went to YouTube, and sure enough, there I was.
It was posted by God-Knows-Who.
That videotape had been kicking around all over the place for the better part of
nine years.
Beginning long before there ever was YouTube.
It could have been just about anyone who saw it and had their hands on it.
Anyway, God-Knows-Who stated that the rest of the reading will be up shortly. Knowing how much there is of it, and how it has been divided up, it'll probably be around eight or nine parts.
The first four segments are already up.
God-Knows-Who has certainly not been kiddin' around.
So it's going to be there in it's entirety, if you want to take a look.
Or only to look at the first hour. It's up to you.
Just go to YouTube and type in my name, or The Laverne and Shirley Movie.
You'll get to see me strut my acting and screenwriting stuff.
I'm very proud of this script, and glad somebody went to the trouble to put it
out there.
I could never have done it.
I barely have enough computer skills to turn out this blog every few days.

That's all the self-promotion for a while, although I will be giving you
YouTube updates.
I'll try to get us to "The Best TV Theme Songs of All Time" as soon as possible.


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And now, we've got You've got YouTube.



  1. I've always been puzzled by stories like these. After Bewitched tanks why would anyone think "I guess nobody wants to see movies based on old TV shows" instead of "Wow, that Bewitched movie was a piece of crap"?

  2. Because, as William Goldman said in one of his books about movie-making, "Nobody knows anything."

  3. I just watched the first video. Very funny stuff. I have never seen a writer presenting his idea before. You made it so vivid, I really wish it would come to pass that the movie would be made.
    I also like that I can put your voice to the stories you write here.

  4. Since I have already watched this video in its entirety, I am really glad it is available for the rest of the world (or at least the ones in the world who are really diligent) to view. On YouTube. In sections. It allows you to watch one of the creators of L&S personally answer the questions that may always have been lingering in your sitcom unconsciousness. He does it just like he was sitting in your living room. A very good watch.

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