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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Rare Political Rant.

In the first episode of what has quickly become my favorite TV show, HBO's
"The Newsroom", Jeff Daniels, playing a close-to-the-vest, well paid, TV news
anchorman, is appearing at a forum at Northwestern University, where he is
repeatedly asked, and repeatedly ducks, the question posed by a young, female,
attractive, empty-headed student, "Why do you think America is the greatest
country in the world?
Finally, Daniels explodes with an unexpected rant about how America is far from
the greatest country in the world, and goes into a litany of reasons for it.
And I found myself agreeing with the entire litany.
This didn't surprise me.
I think it began with me when the Supreme Court handed the 2000 election to
George W. It was the first impression I had that the Supreme Court had been
bought and sold.
This impression was enhanced by that same Supreme Court's verdict on the Citizen's
United decision.
Why didn't Scalia and Thomas, openly courted by the Koch brothers, recuse
themselves? Because they were bought.
The Citizen's United decision wouldn't be that important if the electorate wasn't
so stupid as to be totally influenced by the misleading ads they are bombarded
The impression was further enhanced by one of our major political parties being led by the nose by the Tea Party, to the point where they are consistently pandered to.
Add to this our history of slavery, and stealing land from the people who preceded us here.
Add to this what went on in Colorado last week.
With our uniquely rigged and terrible gun laws, what happened there could only have happened in this country.
And nobody's putting up any kind of a fight.
Shooting deaths are so much worse here than anywhere else.
It's a complete sellout.
So how can we be the best country in the world?

I had maintained that Mitt Romney, although he is obviously much smarter than George W., might make a worse president.
Because he's such a transparent and bad liar.
At this point, the only personal difference between Romney and President Obama (and no matter what, we must call him President Obama, if only out of deference to the office) is that the President is a far more sophisticated, deft, and talented liar.

Electing Romney is far more destructive. He'd also be led by the Tea Party.
And he'd stack the Supreme Court beyond human recognition.
That's the only reason that it's important that the President is re-elected.
But even here, with what went on in Colorado, the President stepped up to the
microphone, and spoke about how Sasha and Malia also like to go to the movies.
Where was the statement that Sasha and Malia can probably also get their hands on
President Obama is also in bed with the N.R.A.
That's why he's not taking a stand on Gun Control.
Or he just thinks it will cost him too many votes.
In any case, it's cowardly.
So we have a nation of run by cowards and followed by sheep.
Tell me again how it's the greatest nation in the world.

This has been MY rare political rant.

P.S.--- Since this rant was posted, the President has stepped forward and said
some constructive things about Gun Control.
So we're back to only one bastard in this race.


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