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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama And Promises.

The new person I must turn away from whenever he appears on television is
Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus.
This cat just gives me the willies.
It used to be Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
Now, it's Reince.
And I think it goes beyond the fact that they both have slight speech impediments.
Walker has the liquid "L", just like Tom Brokaw, but on Brokaw, it's charming.
Perhaps that's because Brokaw isn't bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers.
And Reince just slurs his words, just like Foster Brooks did in his act.
But Foster Brooks is dead, so he'd be a bad investment for the Koch Brothers.

Also, allow me to take a bow for being the first kid on my block to take a dump on
Clint Eastwood.
This occurred twice.
When he made an otherwise glorious documentary about the great lyricist Johnny
Mercer, only to temporarily louse it up by having his (Eastwood's) nuchshlepper
daughter sing a couple of Mercer's songs.
You know. When he could have gotten any of the best professionals to sing them instead.

And when he made the movie "J.Edgar", a piece of crap consisting of history that was
completely unsourced, filled with private conversations that no one could ever
possibly know if they ever happened.
It wasn't even good drama.
I kept referring to him as "Professor Eastwood" in that one.
It was a case of "How can I, Clint Eastwood, once again, prove that I am God?"

This was also what was on display in Tampa.
Clint Eastwood was the only human being with enough clout to be allowed to "wing it"
at the Republican Convention.
Who's going to tell him "no" ?

So Clint, while talking to the empty chair, kept harping on all those promises Obama
made and didn't keep.
And Reince, after Clinton and Obama each made the speeches of their lives, tweeted,
essentially "Yeah, but what about all those promises he didn't keep?"

A word or two about those promises: When exactly was it that Obama made these
I don't really remember.
I'm sure he made them.
About reducing the deficit, and the unemployment rate.
But when was it?
After he was elected?
He would have no reason to do it then.
He already had the job.
So it must have been before he was elected.
But I can't believe they were the clincher for him.
The clincher was when they saddled McCain with that illiterate from Alaska.
I'm convinced that Obama made those promises when he was convinced he could keep
You know.
Like before the Recession Tsunami hit.
Before he took office.
Like before he knew that the Republicans would attempt to stifle his every move.
Clinton said it, and I think he meant it.
No other president could have done any better with the hand he was dealt.

So Reince, Clint, shut up with the promises already.


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  1. Reince Priebus. Sounds like a Nazi name to me, therefore I refer to him as General Field Marshal Reince Priebus. Fits rather well.

  2. The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises:

    Looks pretty good to me.

  3. You could be qualified to receive a Apple iPhone 7.



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