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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why I Support The NFL Replacement Refs.

I want to register my opinion as soon as possible, before it becomes worthless by the imminent settlement between the Refs' Union and the NFL.

1- Paul Ryan wants the old refs back.

2- Scott Walker wants the old refs back.
The two union busters are just a couple of hypocrites, just because their precious Packers lost a game.

3- Who told the NFL not to train the new guys better? Why blame the new refs?

4- What if all the old refs were going to a refs convention and the plane crashes?
You'd need the new refs anyway.

5- Ten million Latinos are being disenfranchised from voting, and we're caring about a few lousy blown calls?

6- Too many people think they are the old refs. If you dressed them differently, say, in Renaissance Costumes, everyone would have better perspective.
And more forgiving.

7- The old refs made a lot of bad calls too. Maybe not so often, but maybe theee guys are just working out the kinks.

8- What's wrong with "Right-to-work states? Or a "Right to work country"?

9- These men are risking their lives out there. Aren't they entitled to be as brave as our G.I.s in Afghanistan?
Maybe they were turned down for flat feet.
Or poor eyesight.
That's probably more likely.
Not only can they get physically hurt by accident, but some of the players might lynch them.
This could be their only chance for valor for these substitute refs.
So cut 'em some slack.

10- I made some nice money on their blown calls.
Sunday night, when Baltimore got credit for a field goal that they missed, and Monday night, when they handed me the Seattle game.

Actually, you can forget about numbers 1 through 9.
Just number 10 works well enough for me.

See you Saturday.


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