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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Such Devoted Sisters. 3

In an effort to be comprehensive, I'm going to include Patience and Prudence in discussing singing sisters.
But not for long.
They came along in the mid-fifties, young teenagers who weren't influenced by anybody, and didn't influence anybody.
They had two big hit records: "Tonight, You Belong To Me", and "Gonna Get Along
Without You Now".
Then they vanished.
And that's all I have to say about them.

The rest of this will be handled somewhat chronologically, to determine who influenced who.

A lot of people, if they think about it at all, are convinced that The Andrews Sisters were the mold breakers.
As great as they were, and they were, they did not break any molds.
About eight or nine years before the Andrews Sisters became popular, there were the
Boswell Sisters.
They were very big in the early thirties.
The lead singer for the Boswell Sisters was Connee Boswell.
Artie Shaw, the great clarinetist, bandleader, and misanthrope, referred to Bing
Crosby as the world's first hip white man.
I think, if asked, Shaw would concede that Connee Boswell was the world's first hip
white woman.
She preceded Anita O'Day by about ten years.
And Connee's hipness shone through in all of her recordings.
With her sisters, and when she went out alone as a single.
Alone, and with her sisters, she really swung.
She made some records with Crosby, and the result was hip magic.
I have a recording of the two of them singing "An Apple For The Teacher" which
swings about as good as anything.
The only trouble with the Boswell Sisters recordings is that most of them were made in the early thirties.
And there was a line of demarcation back then, when before that line, orchestrations really sucked.
It's true of early Crosby records as well.
But if you go to YouTube and listen and watch them do their early recordings, I think you'll agree that they transcended the sucky orchestrations better than most did.

Next time we'll make our way into the forties.


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