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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Kind Of Dumbness You Couldn't Have Had Five Years Ago.

I have a feeling that this one will be relatively brief.

This is a wondrous age that we live in,what with the Internet, and Tivo.
Particularly Tivo.
Not only can you record shows to watch whenever you want to, but if you forget to set the Tivo for something,
most cable services provide something called "On Demand", so you can catch up with that show.
Hell, a lot of the times, you can catch up on an entire series that way.
If someone whose opinion you trust clues you in on a series that you decided not to
try, it's there waiting for you on "On Demand".
It's a Godsend.
If somebody at the cable service doesn't do something completely moronic to muck it up.
My cable system is A,T,&T U-Verse.
They do it just fine.
But I have a friend who doesn't have A,T,&T U-Verse.
She has another cable service, that has a monopoly on her area.
I don't know if I should mention it by name.
It rhymes with "Fomcast"
There. That should disguise it well enough.
So I recommended a series to my friend, and she hadn't seen any episodes, and my recommendation got her
all excited to catch up on the series from the beginning.
So she went to her Fomcast "On Demand" section, and whattya know?
All the episodes were there, waiting to be demanded.
For free.
She was thrilled.
Only one problem, though.
The episodes were not listed by date, sequentially.
How does this conceivably help anyone?
Who knows what specific episodes to series are titled anyway?
They're never listed anywhere.
You go to "On Demand" to watch series episodes from earliest to latest.
Or at least earliest to latest by season.
But those clueless folks at Fomcast list the episodes by EPISODE TITLE!
Somebody actually thought that this was the way to do this.
And somebody else above that person actually approved it.
I don't know how many times I can repeat this to demonstrate what morons they are for thinking this way.
And they've put it into practice!
This leaves the viewer only one option:
To go to the Internet IMDB page for the series, and hope that it lists the episodes by sequence, and then seek it out on Fomcast's "On Demand"
But should you really have to do all that going and hoping and seeking?
"On Demand", as they always tell you in their ads, was designed to make your life
With Fomcast, it only makes your life more frustrated, aggravating, and agitated.

The more that technology can advance, the more it leaves itself open for complete
nitwits to louse it up on a grand scale.

I've given up hope.


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