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Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's Go To The Movies.

I was pleased with most of what went on baseball and debate-wise, so I'm going right to the first several
Honorable Mentions for my favorite movie themes.

Remember, this is all subjective.
And open to debate.
I hope there will be some.
This is purely a list of my favorites.
Not necessarily the best.
That's why I'm offering up this much of a spoiler alert:
None of the choices will include anything by John Williams.
Yeah, most of them were great.
And impressive.
But none of them get to me emotionally.

As of now, I have a total of 29 entries.
I'll attempt to count them down, from leas honorable to most.

And so, we begin.

"The Man With The Golden Arm"

Great jazzy score that really enhanced the film. and put composer Elmer Bernstein on the map.


Bernard Herrmann's greatest haunting score for a Hitchcock film.
Much better than his work on "Citizen Kane, which required making up a musical style for a film that really didn't have one.

"Our Town"

From 1940. Aaron Copland's only real attempt at composing film scores, and his fingerprints are all over it.
It is highly dramatic, and gorgeous at the same time.

"On The Waterfront"

From 1954. Everything I said about about "Our Town" and Copland applies to
"On The Waterfront" and Leonard Bernstein as well.

"The Andy Hardy Series"

They used the same theme music for each of the movies.
And it was always like visiting an old friend.
One brief note about the Andy Hardy series.
Th New York Post used to provide mini-descriptions of the movies they were showing each night.
Never attempting to be funny about it.
On one particular night, they were showing "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante"
The description was "Short boy enters Society"

I leave you with that until next time.


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