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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Such A Glorious Night......

The last night of the baseball season.
It was everything I hoped it would be.
By adding two extra Wild Card teams to the playoffs, Major League Baseball
virtually guaranteed a last night of the season to be as exciting as this one.
And it was.
It was glorious.
It began with Texas and Oakland, tied for first place in their division, playing
each other in the late afternoon, with the winner not having to face a one game
elimination in the Wild Card matchup.
Oakland was behind 4-1, and came back to win 12-5.
Those boys in the yellow shirts, in Oakland, before the home folks, went crazy.
St. Louis, ahead of the Dodgers by one, lost their game to Cincinnati.
This gave the Dodgers a chance to survive by beating the Giants at home.
They lost 4-3.
Any time the Dodgers lose like that, it's glorious.
The Yankees, who earned their division title, won it in grand fashion, needing only a win to avoid being the Wild Card.
If the Yankees had lost and Baltimore, who were luckier than you could possibly
imagine, had won, Baltimore would have tied the Yankees and forced a one-game
playoff. This would have been a travesty.
Plus, I won money on all of these games.
And my Detroit local boy, Miguel Cabrera, finished up the night winning the
Triple Crown. Something that hasn't happened in 45 years.
So, a glorious night.

Until that shitcrap debate happened.
What the hell went on there?
Only Romney showed up.
Jim Lehrer wasn't there.
He and Obama were somewhere where Lehrer and Obama were stepping on Obama's dick.
Lehrer only asked softball, boring questions, designed to let Romney the businessman
show off his business and lying skills.
Neither Lehrer or Obama called him on any of it.
Romney kept denying that he was asking for a 5 trillion dollar tax cut.
What he wanted was a 20% across-the-board tax cut.
Why didn't someone turn to Romney and ask "How much money did the IRS take
in last year, of course, not including uncollectable money from the Cayman Islands?"
Romney wouldn't have the answer.
Either Lehrer or Obama would, and tell him.
And say "You know what 20% of that total is? 5 trillion dollars!"
Why didn't Obama ask Romney if he would have voted the same way as the Republican congress, turning down the Jobs bill for Veterans?"
I guess that would have been too revealing.
And too interesting.
And someone arranged the cameras to make it appear that Romney was always facing
Obama and Obama always had his back to Romney, which was clearly not the case.
Hell, Romney was practically likeable.
Even to ME.
But then, I've always liked Professor Harold Hill.
Where was Bain Capital? The 47%? Romney's tax returns?
Hell, where was Bill Clinton when we needed him?

What's the opposite of glorious?


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  1. I ended up drinking 3/4's of a bottle of merlot after this debate. Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz, on MSNBC, looked like they'd been kicked in the balls. The President needs to stop acting presidential and drop the nice guy routine. If, God forbid, there's a President Romney next January, it'll be merlot from sunup to sundown for me. Maybe something stronger.

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