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Thursday, October 18, 2012

More And Better Honorables.

Continuing on, in order of weakest to strongest:

"Blazing Saddles"

Having Frankie Laine sing what was essentially a cross between "Rawhide" and
"Do not forsake me" for a joke movie was inspired.
Even more so, because nobody told Frankie that it was a joke movie.
So he sang it straight.
He sang his straight little heart out.
And it was glorious.

"Requiem For A Heavyweight"

Not the TV play, but the movie, with Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason, and Mickey
Far superior to the TV play on all levels, notably the music, by Laurence Rosenthal.
It began without music, as we saw a fight from Anthony Quinn's eyes, as he is getting
beat up by a pre-Ali Cassius Clay.
The fight is stopped, and when Quinn gets back to his dressing room and stares at the
bloody mess he has become, the theme music starts, as do the opening credits.
The music is awesome, and the effect is as dramatic as anything.


Would actually rate higher if the Love theme was used as the main theme.
The main theme is good, but the Love theme blows it away.

"A Summer Place"

I never saw this movie.
I only know it from the hit single put out by Percy Faith, which is how I assume it was used in the movie.
It is quite appealing.

"The Sting"

A classic.
Not original.
It had been around since the early 1900s.
It's all in Marvin Hamlisch's great arrangement of it.
And it's great.


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